Big Kahuna by Unchained Labs

Manufacturer Unchained Labs  |  Available Worldwide
The most configurable end-to-end automated workflow solution.

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The most configurable end-to-end automated workflow solution

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Big Kahuna gives you automated, high-throughput, end-to-end solutions for biologics formulation, small molecule preformulation and process chemistry. It’s completely configurable and takes on the hard stuff that eats up a ton of a researcher’s time.  Nail down the right formulation faster.  Big Kahuna takes on your entire biologics formulation development process and automates it end to end. It'll tackle buffer prep, buffer exchange, pH checks, sample prep and analysis. Get your accelerated stability studies done with integrated sample incubation and automated freeze/thaw systems. So you can take on more developability screens, check out a wider formulation space and find the most stable biologic this month, not this year.  

Key Features:

  • Characterize formulations with limited material
  • Developability and preformulation screens
  • Robustness and stress studies
  • Measure pH, viscosity, turbidity and visible particles. 
  • Manage and track formulations and analytical results.

Product Overview

Big Kahuna by Unchained Labs product image

Big Kahuna

Manufacturer Unchained Labs  |  Available Worldwide

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