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Albumin - Glycated

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Review date: 02 Sep 2014 | Albumin - Glycated
Glycated Albumin (Human) ELISA is an enzyme-linked immuno-sorbent assay (ELISA) for the detection and quantitation of glycated albumin in human plasma. It is intended for in vitro use as an aid in monitoring short-term changes in integrated glycemic control. With a single random sample, Glycated Albumin (Human) ELISA provides a simple,quantitative and reliable measurement of glycated albumin.  Such information is analogous to that offered by glycohemoglobin measurements, except that the protein being measured is glycated albumin, which has a shorter half-life (17 days) than does hemoglobin (120 days). It also is analogous to that offered by fructosamine assays, except that it specifically measures a single glycated protein of known residence time rather than non-specifically measuring multiple glycated proteins. Glycated Albumin (Human) ELISA is a direct non-radiolabel enzyme-linked immunoassay in which glycated albumin in human plasma binds to an immobilized monoclonalantibody that specifically recognizes the glycated moieties on human albumin (3,4). After incubation for a fixed time, an enzyme-conjugated polyclonal antibody directed against human albumin is added. A chromogenic substrate is then added. After the reaction is stopped, the intensity of the color is read in an ELISA reader at 450 nm. The concentration of glycated albumin in the patient sample is read from a calibration curve. The amount of glycated albumin can be expressed as absolute concentration (mg/ml) or as a relative %, determined by dividing the glycated albumin in the sample by the total albumin in the sample. The total albumin in the sample can be determined by using the Bromcresol Green (BCG) Albumin Determination which involves the dye-binding properties of Albumin and is read colorimetrically at 630 mn (10,11,20). When albumin binds Bromcresol Green at pH 4.2, the absorbance of the solution increases in direct proportion to the albumin concentration. Quantitation of the plasma albumin is determined from a calibration curve. Standard calibrators and controls are included with the kit and are used each time the assay is performed.