AccuPrep MPS by J2 Scientific

Manufacturer J2 Scientific
A revolution in GPC Cleanup system design, the AccuPrep MPSTM combines flexibility and cutting-edge features in a smaller package.

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AccuPrep MPS

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The AccuPrep MPS for GPC Cleanup performs cleanup of a wide range of sample matrices including foods, tissues, grains, plants and environmental samples such as soil, sludge, and hazardous waste for EPA (SW-846 Method 3640A), CLP, FDA, USDA and USDI analysis.

Sample capacity increased to 120 positions with extended tray

Standard pressure rating of 2500 psig

Optional on-board Windows-based PC eliminates need for a desktop computer

Direct Inject, loop-overfill and partial-loop fill injection available on one platform

The new AccuPrep MPS has the core features that previous AccuPrep systems have been known for:

  • Solvent Level Sensing warns when solvent is low and pauses operation if the level is not replenished 
  • Probe Tracking feature minimizes probe contact with the sample and increases rinsing efficiency
  • Septum Piercing allows sample and collect vials to be sealed, ensuring the integrity of the sample

Key Features:

  • Septum piercing
  • Probe tracking
  • Solvent level sensor
  • Ups power watchdog
  • Uses disposable, sealable sample vials
  • Flow-rate calibration
  • Bypass or 5-column selector
  • Column heater control
  • Automated solvent switching
  • Solvent flow ramping
  • Multiple injections 

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