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Olga Hahn

Department of Cell Biology, University Medical Center Rostock

24 October 2023

5 review stars

An indispensable device in the laboratory!

We have been using the NC-3000 (Chemometec) for several years and use it daily in the lab. The system is very versatile as it can not only perform cell counts (including cell cycle and Annexin V assays). In many projects, we work with external partners who need the analyses, for example, for certification of their devices. This is easily possible with the NC3000, which is compatible with 21 CFR Part 11/GMP guidelines.

Application Area: general laboratory work

Soren Lindskog

Novo Nordisk A/S

24 May 2023

4 review stars

Easy to use, fast results, consistency in data produced

Pros: Fast & easy cell counting, good assay/instrument for keeping track of suspension cell culture growth (when to split culture and numbers to seed for transfection (VPC2.0 from Thermo-Fisher)) We have standardized when to dilute cell culture (expected cell dens above 2E6/ml always dill 1:10; 50µl ad 500µl) Cons: Sometimes (rare events) counting fails due to camera not able to take pictures? Solution is to close program and restart (but you often "loose" a few Via1 cassettes) Regarding software; would be nice to have the time in data set

Application Area: Day to day cell culture counting; cell numbers & viability

Julien Gautherot


05 October 2021

5 review stars

One of our major cell culture laboratory device!

Usefull in routine studies (including GLP grade), easy, fast, accurate.

Application Area: Cell culture

Pedro Couto

UCL-Biochemical Engineering

27 March 2021

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Simplifies cell counts, cell cycle analysis and annexin-V assay. Fantastic technology.

Cell counting represents the most basic analytical technique in biotechnology as every single step of a bioprocess relies on knowing the exact cell concentration at the start and at the end. We have been using the NC-3000 (Chemometec) for over 4 years and we are huge fans of it. The system not only allows you to perform cell counts (on suspension cells but also with cells attached to microcarriers) but also cell cycle and annexin-V assays which would normally be performed with flow cytometry. The system stands out in the market as many competitors use purely imaging methods to determine cell counts, viability, and diameter. The NC-3000 (and others from the same company I imagine) use a laser-based system and multiple dyes to detect cell concentration. Our internal validation suggests that the NC-3000 is more precise than alternatives such as manual-based cell counts but also very well known competitors. This would be the first piece of equipment I would purchase when setting up a new lab.

Application Area: Cell counts, cell cycle analysis and annexin-V

Ricky Trigg


16 March 2021

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Easy-to-use and convenient.

The NC-3000 is a robust and easy-to-use cell imaging system, which we use for counting hematopoietic cells and for estimating transduction efficiency. There is a good range of pre-designed assays on the instrument, and the Protocol Adaptation Wizard allows you to easily adapt protocols for your own applications. The 'flow cytometry-like' dot plots are really useful and you can adjust gates accordingly. We mainly use the Via1 cassettes as we don't count numerous samples at the same time, but we are confident in the reproducibility of our data.

Application Area: Cell counting and transduction efficiency calculations