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Mengmeng Jin

Rutgers University

16 November 2021

5 review stars

The results looks great and get them very fast.

The results are looking very convincing and very good. We can get the results very quickly.

Application Area: Analysis of cell in mouse brain tissues

Monica Garcia Solache

Rhode Island Hospital

21 October 2021

5 review stars

Great service

We have always had a great experience using Psomagen Next Generation Sequencing. Data quality is great, prices are amazing, very good customer service and fast turnaround. Will be definitively using again.

Application Area: Microbiology

Daniel Deatherage

The University of Texas at Austin

05 October 2021

5 review stars

More samples, cheaper cost, faster results. What more could we ask for?

Being able to generate my own libraries and submit them as a single pool without having to pay for individual sample QC (just 1 qc for the pool i create), let us go from sequencing dozens of samples to 100s of samples and still save $1,000s compared to on campus facilities. That we get the results back faster than we do for on campus work is just icing on the cake.

Application Area: Sequence microbes to understand evolution