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Sondoss Hassan

Sidra Medicine

08 April 2024

5 review stars

Easy to use.

The product was easy to use. The Via1 cassettes used to insert the samples in for measurement already contained the dye, making it easy to order and use.

Application Area: Count PBMCs isolated from blood samples

John Yuen Jr

Tufts University

10 January 2024

5 review stars

Reliable, more so than other devices

Our lab used the NC-200 for quite some time before trying out some other counters. We immediately switched back to the NC-200, as the other ones did not give good results (strange readings, lower reproducibility, etc).

Application Area: Cell Culture

Nicolas MAGUET

ABL Europe

14 December 2023

5 review stars

Reliability and reproducibility of the measurement with NC200

We regularly use the NC200 for counting HEK293 and CHO cells. It's simple and fast to use with cassettes and Chemometec software. The results are reliable and reproducible (measurement performed in triplicate) for monitoring cell growth during cultures in flasks and bioreactors.

Application Area: HEK293 cells counting

Martijn de Man

Kite Pharma

07 December 2023

5 review stars

Great repeatability.

Reliable and easy to operate.

Application Area: Count for cell growth

Amandine Noirat


22 November 2023

5 review stars

Complete, simple, fast counting - you can't do without it.

Fast, reproducible counting. No counting bias between manipulators. Counting cassettes are extremely easy to use.

Application Area: Count cells before use.

Valerie Faivre


22 November 2023

5 review stars

Essential equipment, daily use

Very easy to use, makes lab life more simple and the experiments faster. Also good service of the company in case of questions or technical problems.

Application Area: Cell count after tissue dissociation (rodent brain, human placenta)

Sugata Roychowdhury

Johnson and Johnson

27 October 2023

5 review stars

Must have for Manufacturing and QC labs

Easy to use, least time-consuming run, requires daily calibration for GMP use for generating accurate results for drug dosing.

Application Area: Cell therapy

Marilyn Sanchez

Seattle Children's Hospital

14 August 2023

5 review stars

Extremely helpful and reliable

The instrument is easy to use, very reliable and extremely helpful. This instrument helped make our research faster and more accurate, since we don't have to count our cells with a hematocytometer.

Application Area: Cell counting

John Hojnacke

Nebraska Medicine

04 August 2023

5 review stars

Great purchase!

Fast, easy to use, reliable. Great customer service. Solid instrument.

Application Area: Cell enumeration and viability for a variety of processes.

Lester Myers

Mayo Clinic

04 August 2023

5 review stars

Great equipment, I highly recommend it over other equipment currently on the market.

This equipment is truly remarkable. Its user-friendly design eliminates the need to manually stain cells, as the stains (AO and DAPI) are already embedded in the cartridge. All that is needed is to prepare a cell suspension and load it into the cartridge. Once the cartridge is inserted into the equipment, the results, both in image and numerical form, are displayed seamlessly. The post-processing gating is straightforward, utilizing the histogram and scatter plots for easy analysis. Its reliability is commendable, and the data generated is highly reproducible.

Application Area: Cell count and viability