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Alessandra Bruno

BP Products North America

04 March 2020

4 review stars

High quality data and extremely user friendly software!

The GC-HRT is the second mass spectrometer that we purchased from Leco. The instrument requires more maintenance as far as cleaning the ion source but the data is extremely high quality. It is our first high resolution instrument. The software is extremely user-friendly and offers an advanced data processing package to better visualize data using kendrick mass defect plots.

Application Area: Crude oil and product analysis

Jochen Schubert


03 March 2020

5 review stars

Great possibilities, especially in trace gas analysis.

As we need high-resolution, because of very low concentrations, we are highly satisfied with the results we obtain with the Pegasus. Typical problems, such as co-elution of substances contained in exhaled breath, can be solved very well. Some problems with data handling and interpretation, which sometimes is tedious and error prone.

Application Area: Analyze substances in exhaled breath

Guennadiy Finakoff


26 August 2015

5 review stars

We use Pegasus HRT with Markes Unity 2 for VOC analysis during 1.5 years. It’s very simple in work: autotune makes all for you, you have to choose mass range and in the end of GC run open PFTBA for 30 seconds - for mass calibration. Mass accuracy is really sub 1 ppm.

Application Area: VOC analyze