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Peter Kolesik

Bionomics Ltd, Australia

12 January 2020

5 review stars

Flexible research tool and screening workhorse for ion channels.

Patchliner is an automated, single pipette, 8 parallel-channel system. It comes with many, easily modifiable, protocols for all ion channels groups. I have used Patchliners for primary, secondary and selectivity screens in voltage and ligand gated ion channel programs. The quality of the recordings is comparable to the manual patching, even for fast ligand gated channels such as alpha 7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor. The technical support from Nanion is excellent. Love it.

Application Area: Drug discovery

Omar Alijevic

Philip Morris Products SA

10 January 2020

5 review stars

Overall the Patchliner is a high quality machine supported by high quality people!

The Patchliner comes with robust and high quality Heka amplifiers. Therefore a previous knowledge of the Heka software is clearly helpful. Nevertheless, for the people that are not familiar with the Heka software, Nanion Patchliner created their own software, with a more friendly user interface, to control the Heka commands. Overall it is easy to use. The Patchliner offers the possibility to measure up to 8 cells simultaneously (some cells are "easier" than other though and the success rate can vary accordingly). The solutions are directly applied by the Patchliner "Syringe Pipettor". The speed of the solution application can be modified and the protocols are very flexible and easy to set up. Results are very reproducible. It allows the recording of all types of ion channels (including mechanosensitive channels!). In addition, the Patchliner support team is incredible to help you anytime you need in a very short notice!

Application Area: Ion channel pharmacology

Phumzile Sikakana


22 November 2019

4 review stars

Fantastic team and equipment.

Exceptional after sale care from the team at Nanion. Always available for an email or call. Always happy to do traning and help new members of the team learn how to use complex software.

Application Area: Ion channel electrophysiology