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22 November 2021

5 review stars

Great support, easy t Highly recommended

In 2019, we have been ordering yet another Port-a-Patch and we did not regret doing so. The instrument was ordered to supplement and enhance our research in the field of TRP-channels under toxicological circumstances. Our needs were as following: 1) Small setup to be placed under a fume hood 2) Small dead volumes to keep the toxic waste low 3) "Easy to apply" setup 4) No preparation is needed. You can go from zero to measurement in about 10-15 min. The system is built for nonelectrophysiologists as no excessive previous knowledge is necessary (this doesn't mean that it won't be an advantage to know what you are doing)! The port-a-patch did tick all these boxes and in addition, you receive extraordinary, helpful and experienced support from Nanion. Especially small adjustments regarding the protocol for a special cell type are covered very well by the "Nanion-database". It did safe us plenty of time as Nanion might very well have already dealt with a similar question. In this regard we did never lose much time establishing the method, instead, we could immediately start measuring. The measurements themselves have proven reliable, repeatable, and very sensitive. As we were coming from a Ca2+-based method, we were pleasently surprised that our stimulus was more effective than expected. In my opinion, the Port-a-Patch (or Portie) is unmatched as it allows to overcome many hurdles that regular electrophysiology brings while being smaller and easier to use. If you are looking for higher throughput i can as well recommend having a look at the patchliner or synchropatch.

Application Area: Automated electrophysiology for TRP-research (TRPA1; TRPV4)

Arturo Picones

National Laboratory of Channelopathies

23 June 2021

5 review stars

Best instrument in its class

Highest possible quality results obtained with this instrument

Application Area: Recording of ion channel functional activity by the automated patch-clamp technology

P├ęter Orvos

University of Szeged, Hungary

01 January 2021

5 review stars

Reliable instrument and fantastic support.

The Port-a-Patch is a very compact single-channel bench-top workstation. Chip mounting station and amplifier head-stage are integrated in the shielded device, while an additional small suction control unit, a patch-clamp amplifier and a computer complete the system. However, it was further miniaturized by integrating the amplifier into the system in case of Port-a-Patch mini. Using this semi-automated patch clamp system is very easy. The user just pipettes solutions and cells onto the disposable recording chip, where a cell is automatically captured and sealed using the suction control unit. Visual control of this process by microscope and micro-manipulator are not required. Many add-ons, such as temperature controlled external perfusion system or the unique internal perfusion system expand the range of possible experiments can be performed by this device. Very impressive technology and system for quick test of cells and ion channels. However, for higher throughput, I recommend the Patchliner or SyncroPatch from Nanion, where 8 or 384 wells are recorded in parallel, respectively. In addition to state-of-the-art and reliable instruments, the experienced team at Nanion provide exceptional support and technical background to develop the experimental methods and achieve the best quality records.

Application Area: Ion channel pharmacology

Arturo Picones

National Laboratory of Channelopathies

05 June 2020

5 review stars

High quality results, comparable in all respects to manual classic patch-clamps.

High quality an reproducible results. Easy to use and very effective and reliable attention from the manufacturer after purchase. Highly recommendable technology and instrument.

Application Area: Electrophysiological patch-clamp recording of ion channel functional activity