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Ali Khalid

UNSW RNA Institute

12 July 2023

5 review stars

Great machine, easy to use

It's very effective and user friendly

Application Area: Analyse products

Natalie Stunnell

Ingham Institute

12 July 2023

5 review stars

Worthwhile product

Excellent service

Application Area: Spectrometry

Jonathan Yeow


12 July 2023

5 review stars

Great results!

Highly easy to use, fast operation

Application Area: Screening of protein interactions

Miriam Jackson


12 July 2023

5 review stars

Easy to use

Excellent, very easy to use.

Application Area: Cell culture

Petra Schling

Biochemistry Center of the University of Heidelberg

21 November 2022

5 review stars

Versatile, easy to use microplate reader with excellent support

We needed an affordable, easy to use but versatile microplate reader for our basic lab skills practical courses. This instrument has it all. One star less for ease of use, because we hoped to find an instrument with on-board computer; but a simple laptop fits nicely on the machine and can be set up for any purpose necessary. Support by the company was and continues to be excellent. User-problems are taken serious and answered in a timely, friendly, and very constructive manner.

Application Area: Teaching basic lab skills student courses