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Christelle Bianda

Monte Rosa Therapeutics

06 February 2024

5 review stars

A must equipment for any lab!

PheraStar is really easy to use, to assess and define protocol in order to get reproducible data. Also changing the filter units is an easy procedure. In short time 96, 384 and 1536 well plate are readed, with the possibility to define controls or standard units. It is the kind of equipment each lab needs to have.

Application Area: Cellular assays

Matthew Rosa

Cambridge University

26 September 2023

4 review stars

Quick, easy and reliable

The Pherastar system is quick and easy to use for high throughput, and sensitive BRET2 based assay experiments such as TRUPATH and arrestin recruitment.

Application Area: BRET2 based assays

Dhruthi Suresh

UW Madison

22 April 2023

5 review stars

Amazing plate reader!

I really like the PheraStar plate reader because it’s so easy to adjust the parameters and so easy to visualise the changes in proliferation because of colour coding.

Application Area: Proliferation assay plate reading

Regina C.

Drug Discovery Research

06 December 2022

5 review stars

PHERAstar has exceptional reliability and flexibility; tech support EJ is amazing!

PHERAstar is the Must Have instrument to enable our fast-paced drug discovery research. I have been in the pharmaceutical industry for almost 10 years and had used a variety of microplate readers from different vendors. PHERAstar stands out to be top of the line product with exceptional reliability and flexibility. The extra bonus from purchasing PHERAstar from BMG Labtech is the after sales care - I'd like to give a big shoutout to BMG's technical specialist EJ (Edward “EJ” Dell) for his expertise, excellent customer service, and his "can do " attitude that helped us in many occasions to tackle technical challenges in setting up novel assays. It's a great pleasure to work with EJ and we are very happy with PHERAstar instrument. Highly recommend this product!

Application Area: Drug Discovery Research

Akachukwu Onwuka

University of Melbourne

16 November 2022

5 review stars

It is efficient and easy to use. I recommend it for all scientists and researchers

This product is easy to use. It is efficient and gives the best results. It is a must use for all doing ELISA experiment.

Application Area: Microplate reader



25 October 2022

5 review stars

Extremely Easy to Use with Great Sensitivity

Not only is this instrument very easy to use, but it is also the most reliable and user-friendly instrument in our lab. We use our PHERAstar FSX daily for different fluorescence applications and standard absorbance readings, and it is fast, sensitive, consistent in performance, and reliable. The Microplate Stacker is a huge plus. Just load the plates and walk away. That is how easy and reliable it is.

Application Area: Genetic Marker Application

Dale Warnock

Bayer US LLC

25 October 2022

5 review stars

We rely on PHERAstar readers as a core analytic instrument.

The PHERAstar FSX instrument is a high quality, reliable, plate reader. Our assay development platform relies on PHERAstar readers for absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, and homogeneous time resolved fluorescence. We have excellent experience with BMG as a manufacturer/ partner both in the knowledgeable and responsive sales reps and their quality technical service reps. The BMG MARS software provides easy-to-manage instrument control, customizable method protocol development with many available curve fitting tools and data analysis workflows that are powerful and easy to customize; all with a relatively shallow learning curve. Results report building is customizable, and data can be exported to software such as Excel for additional processing. The MARS software complies with 21CFR part 11 regulations for data integrity allowing for use in a GMP lab setting.

Application Area: absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, and homogeneous time resolved fluorescence assay development

Pasquale Morese


04 October 2022

5 review stars

Great results

Very easy and user-friendly with many options to improve the experience. The Mars software is extremely useful for analysis of experiments.

Application Area: Fluorescence Intensity assays

Lapeyrere Catherine


29 September 2022

4 review stars

Easy to use with reproducible signals.

This reader is very easy to use. We use it for more or less all our experimentations reading fluorescence, luminescence, alpha lisa. We have purchased 4 readers in my service and they are really heavily used.

Application Area: HMTS

Zoe Blackley

Sygnature Discovery

13 September 2022

5 review stars

Reliable, intuitive, great technical support

I have used plate readers from a variety of companies and the BMG plate readers are by far the most intuitive to use and have been the most reliable. The pherastar is great for throughput and the clariostar has great flexibility for assay development. There is a large database of product application notes available to help in set up of new protocols and if there is no solution available there, their in house technical support is brilliant - helpful, easy to talk to and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

Application Area: Detection of enzyme reaction products