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Lili Herendi

Imperial College London

05 November 2018

4 review stars

Would recommend it to everyone.

The product is really reliable. Easy to use, even for beginners as interface is very simple. Results acquired are also reproducible.

Application Area: Flash and glow assay readings

Sharmin Sheikh


06 October 2015

5 review stars

BMG Omega Plate reader with injectors are used in our laboratory for protein detection which can be done in 45 minutes at room temperature incubation as an alternative to traditional ELISA. They are cheaper than SpectraMax L and has the option of saving data in excel format or as a text file. One can measure the peak area or the slope for quantification of proteins. I would highly recommend the use of BMG plate readers for homogeneous assays.

Application Area: Homogeneous Assay For Protein Detection

Patricia Ragazzon

University of salford

22 December 2014

5 review stars

The equipment works really well, it is easy to use and the quality of data is great. The customer service is also really good.

Application Area: Cell-based assays