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Katy Carroll


30 November 2022

5 review stars

Great product, easy to use.

High quality and reproducible results. Time-based assay with slow kinetics option saved so much time and hassle in the lab. Easy to use. Excellent customer service by Sylvia! Thank you.

Application Area: Microbiology, plant science

Shahin Bonakdar

Hamburg University

25 November 2022

5 review stars

Great machine with a simple and user-friendly software

I have done some experiments for cell analysis (resazurin, prestoblue, Hoechst, acridine orange, …) and protein (Bradford). I achieve high-quality and reproducible results in a short time. The software for working with the machine is simple and user-friendly. The software for processing the data is also good. I am satisfied with working with this machine.

Application Area: Analyse the viability, toxicity, and metabolic activity of cells

Christian Schiffer

Uniklinik Münster

22 November 2022

5 review stars

Many of our research projects would basically not have been possible without them...

Our group has been using Fluostars for more than a decade now. The instruments are very reliable, are easy to use and intuitive to operate in a basic research environment.

Application Area: Ca2+ Fluorimetry

Yvonne Dube

The PeterDoherty Institute at the University of Melbourne

16 November 2022

5 review stars

It's easy to use and results presented in a way that is easy to follow

It is easy to use and I obtain high quality results

Application Area: Analysing presence of antibodies that bind to antigen of inyerest ELISA

Kelly Rodgers


29 September 2022

5 review stars

Did the job with no hassle

The results were easy to interpret and it has a user friendly interface

Application Area: Fluorescence analysis in plant tissue