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Katrina Christi


12 July 2023

5 review stars

Love this, it has increase lab quality of life.

The machine is so easy to use. The software is easy to learn and I appreciate being able to put MARS on my own laptop and manage my runs. Sylvia was amazing doing the set up and initial tutorials and always helpful for troubleshooting.

Application Area: Bacterial growth and fluorescent reads

Thet Thet Mar Thet Thet Mar

Department of Medical Research

06 June 2023

3 review stars

Results are specific.

Easy to use for data calculation but needs for technical assistant to fill the number of gain in fluorescence measurement.

Application Area: Enzyme activities, ELISA, Biomarkers

MJ Coren

California State

20 April 2023

5 review stars

Not your average plate reader, more of a specialty item. Solid and Reliable.

Reader is user friendly with relatively intuitive software. One of only a couple readers that will run proper long term shaking prion-like assays.

Application Area: Cellular modeling of Parkinson's disease

Katy Carroll


30 November 2022

5 review stars

Great product, easy to use.

High quality and reproducible results. Time-based assay with slow kinetics option saved so much time and hassle in the lab. Easy to use. Excellent customer service by Sylvia! Thank you.

Application Area: Microbiology, plant science

Shahin Bonakdar

Hamburg University

25 November 2022

5 review stars

Great machine with a simple and user-friendly software

I have done some experiments for cell analysis (resazurin, prestoblue, Hoechst, acridine orange, …) and protein (Bradford). I achieve high-quality and reproducible results in a short time. The software for working with the machine is simple and user-friendly. The software for processing the data is also good. I am satisfied with working with this machine.

Application Area: Analyse the viability, toxicity, and metabolic activity of cells