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Dennis Onufa

H.C Starck

06 March 2020

4 review stars

Excellent service.

Very good product. Easy to install, good warranty, excellent service.

Application Area: Total carbon

Kem Muir

H.C. Starck

06 March 2020

4 review stars

Works well and easy to maintain.

Carbon analysis system that works well and is easy to maintain.

Application Area: Carbon analysis

Van Mai

Midrex Technologies, Inc.

09 January 2017

4 review stars

A nice instrument to have for high carbon measurements!

Great results obtained from analyzing coal materials.

Application Area: Coal and powder samples containing high carbon content

Scott Truman


19 May 2016

5 review stars

Great software, easy to use and easy to maintain. Great instrument

The Leco S/C analyzer is extremely easy to use. The software package and interface are set up better than any other equipment software we use. It is user focused and friendly. The equipment itself gives great reproducibility and care for the instrument is very straightforward.

Application Area: Coal and Coke analysis for carbon and sulfur



14 April 2009

5 review stars

Application Area: