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Aline Roch


21 December 2023

5 review stars

Beautifully homogenous organoid cultures!

The plate is perfectly suited for high-throughput screening on organoids in 3D in a miniaturized fashion and with high replicate numbers. It allows great reproducibility and it can be easily adapted to different cellular models. The plate allows great quality imaging, including in high resolution. The protocols are clear and the system is very easy to use.

Application Area: Drug screening on organoids

Linda Steinacher


30 October 2023

5 review stars

Reproducible organoid cultures, easy to use

The plates work really well to grow organoids in a reproducible manner. The media exchange port makes medium change a lot easier without disturbing the organoids. The imaging plates allow to take very good quality images. On top, the SUN team supports any technical questions along the way - they are amazing! Can only recommend.

Application Area: Lung organoids

Georgia Rouseti

Novartis Pharma AG

23 October 2023

5 review stars

Amazing product support and results!

The protocols are very clear and easy to follow. I highly recommend the plates especially for organoid imaging!

Application Area: imaging intestinal organoids

Pascaline Sirugue


23 October 2023

5 review stars

Easy and reproducible platform to generate organoids

Platform to easily generate 3D cell cultures, as well as to maintain them (easy and fast media change). Moreover, this plate is compatible with many conventional assays and allows their effortless implementation as well as high reproducibility.

Application Area: Characterization of organoid models and assays (drugs screening)

Sarah Massot


20 October 2023

4 review stars

Easy-to-use platform with high throughput

The plate is easy-to-use and offers high throughput data for 3D models as organoids and spheroids. The design is versatile which allowed us to select the best option for our models. The design is nice and help to maintain culture without disturbing them during medium changes for example. Maria who is in charge of the sells is really helpful and supportive. I recommend!

Application Area: Molecule/drug screening

Chiara Zanini

Hoffaman La Roche

20 October 2023

5 review stars

Easy to use!

Easy to use plates, great attention to the customer problems/questions after the sale.

Application Area: BBB spheroids