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Sushant Sinha

Rubi Laboratories

31 July 2023

5 review stars

User-friendly interface, and versatile data analysis capabilities.

In our laboratory, we are using 3 VANTAstar Plate Readers from BMG, and I must say, it has been an impressive addition to my laboratory equipment. As a research scientist, I rely heavily on plate readers for various assays (colorimetric, Luminescence), and the VANTAstar has exceeded my expectations in several key aspects. First and foremost, it offers exceptional performance with the accuracy and reproducibility of my experiments. The user interface of the VANTAstarPlate Reader is intuitive and user-friendly. Navigating through the software and setting up assays is a breeze, even for someone who's new to the instrument. I appreciated the well-organized layout and the variety of pre-programmed protocols, which saved me time and reduced the chances of human error during assay setup. BMG has also done an excellent job with Vantastar's data analysis capabilities. The built-in software offers many data processing and export options, allowing me to analyze and present my results in various formats. The instrument's design is sleek and modern, and it takes up a reasonable amount of space in the laboratory. Of course, as with any product, a few minor areas could be improved. While the software is user-friendly, having more advanced analysis tools for seasoned researchers who require additional data manipulation capabilities would be beneficial. I highly recommend the Vanstar Plate Reader to fellow scientists and researchers looking for a reliable plate reader for their experiments.

Application Area: Colorimetric enzyme assays and sometime Luminescence-based assays

Paul Sampognaro

University of California, San Francisco

25 July 2023

5 review stars

Fantastic product, wonderful customer service, the obvious choice

The VantaSTAR multimode platereader from BMG Labtech has exceeded all my expectations. The plate reader is extremely well-made (from Germany) and maintains a low profile on one of my lab benches. The hardware is extremely easy to use with very few moving pieces, limiting the need for frequent maintenance. The software (SmartControl, Voyager, and Mars) is intuitive and easy to use. The Mars Software in particular contains a whole host of analytic tools, similar in many ways to GraphPad. The customer service from BMG Labtech has also been excellent - from initial demo to installation/set-up to any/all follow-up issues. The product is truly first-class and the BMG Labtech representatives (shout outs to Devon Legge and EJ Dell in the Bay Area) have been amazing to work with. I highly recommend this product to any lab (academic or commercial) who is in need of multimode platereader for all absorbance, fluorescence, and luminescence applications.

Application Area: Enzymatic activity assays, fluorescent protein detection in cells, pH measurements, protein quantifi