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Preet Chovatiya


01 April 2022

5 review stars

Fantastic & Recommended Spectrophotometer

CamSpec M108 Spectrophotometer by CamSpec is a very good & recommended Spectrophotometer because they complete our work needs perfectly. This mechanical spectrophotometer has a range of wavelengths of 325-1000nm and a bandwidth of 4nm with little stray light. They also provide PC software for wavelength scanning.

Application Area: For Determination of Formaldehyde in water

Tammy Illingworth


15 December 2021

4 review stars

Good service, easy to use

Service was great from start to finish and they accommodated our needs. The CamSpec M108 produces reproducible results and is easy to use.

Application Area: Analysing Formaldehyde in water, CrVI, HCN, NO/NO2, H2O2, Creatinine in urine.