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Cell therapy

14 October 2021

5 review stars

Easy to use and accurate cell counter

The NC-202 is your solution for intra-assay precision with accurate automated focusing with primary cells. The software is easy to use and does a good job at storing historical data for users to easily retrieve. Tech support is easy to reach and good to work with.

Application Area: Tissue culture lab

Jonathan Dornell

Botanical Spirits LLC

25 June 2021

5 review stars

Automated and user-friendly cell counter.

The NC-202 cell counter is a user-friendly device that can deliver automated cell counts with key metrics such as cell viability, debris index and more. This allowed me to process high volumes of samples with confidence and time to spare for other tasks.

Application Area: Quantify mammalian cell counts and viability

Mark Hicks II

Loxo Oncology at Lilly

14 June 2021

5 review stars

Outstanding cell counter, highly recommended!

The NC-202 has proven to be an outstanding cell counter which is easy to use and very accurate. While previous cell counters that our laboratory used often times showed significant variability in their count data, the NC-202 has provided stability and accurately reproducible data that has improved our workflow. One of the best features of the NC-202 are its cassettes, which are in and of themselves standalone "pipettes", which allow you to directly aspirate your cells (in medium) into the cassette. These cassettes contain the necessary dyes (Acridine Orange and DAPI) to stain your Live/Dead cell population, without the need of Trypan Blue. This makes counting cells very convenient, and is especially useful if you have a lot of cell lines you must count in a short time frame. The NC View software which comes with the NC-202 is also very easy to use. It's very clean and effective as far as its user interface, and provides a nice array of options for assessing the condition of your cell population. ChemoMetec really thought deeply about user-friendliness when it came to their software, and that is something I greatly appreciate when you are trying to generate data rapidly and efficiently. Finally, the sales, training, and customer services representatives from ChemoMetec were absolutely outstanding. They provided a fantastic overview of the NC-202 when I first became interested in it, and were always happy to help answer any questions or inquiries I had about the machine. Sales and Technical support personnel really went out of their way to provide outstanding service when I needed it. Overall, the NC-202 is a great product, and I recommend it to any laboratory that needs a reliable, trustworthy cell counter.

Application Area: Counting of various human cancer cell lines

Anqi Li

Hudson Institute of Medical Research

07 May 2021

5 review stars

Great instrument!!

Consistent results. Very easy to use.

Application Area: Cell therapy process development

Ian Lobb

Almac Discovery

18 March 2021

5 review stars

Excellent instrument that has made our previous technologies virtually redundant.

Extremely accurate and reproducible results. Machine is also very easy to use and have had no teething problems whatsoever.

Application Area: Cell counting for cell culture

Martin Krcmar


18 March 2021

5 review stars

The device is characterized by very easy and intuitive operation.

We use the device to measure the parameters of insect cells (Sf9 line). The great advantage of the instrument is the speed of analysis, simple operation and operation that does not require regular replacement of reagents. The dyes are immobilized on the Via2-Cassette, which allows intuitive sample processing and minimizes errors. E.g. if air bubbles can be sucked in due to incorrect handling, a warning is displayed in the software. The software allows you to enter the sample name, dilution factor, operator name everything you need today. Data can be easily and intuitively browsed, exported eg to .pdf. The results of the last few measurements are displayed on the home screen. We do not use the DebrisIndex function very much, it serves us more as a measure of gentle treatment of cell culture. The manufacturer offers standard qualifications (IQ, OQ) for the device. For control measurements, it is possible to purchase a PQ set, which will allow checking the function of the device.

Application Area: In process control of insect cell growth and viability during propagation

Will Milligan

Exmoor Pharma Concepts

10 March 2021

5 review stars

Counts cells quicker than any counter I've ever used!

This is a fantastic instrument. It performs cell counts quicker than any counter I've ever used! No sample prep required, just load a cartridge, load it in the system and hit go. With tricky aggregated samples, the lysis method beats any cell counter I've used before, I can't recommend the NC-202 more!

Application Area: Cell counting

James Kusena

MicrofluildX Ltd

09 March 2021

5 review stars

Great bit of kit and such a time saver - get one!

I have previously used other counters from ChemoMetec so it was very quick and easy for me to get used to the NC-202. After carrying out a linearity study we were able to show that we got more reliable, reproducible and accurate data compared to the other instrument we were assessing. We tend to work with small volumes and the NC-202 is able to work reliably and reproducibly within our ranges. The ease of use makes it more streamlined to carry out our experiments and we are able to save on both labour and time resources making it great value for money. The after sales care has been great, they have checked in to see if there is anything we needed. However, everything is working well so we have not needed anything but it is good to know that they are there should we need anything.

Application Area: Cell counting for various process manipulations

Christine Janssens

Minerva Imaging

09 March 2021

5 review stars

Nucleocounter is the winner! My best buddy in the lab.

Easy to use, data is easy to copy and move to excel. I believe the data, because in the pilot set up I counted manually and at the same time used the nucleocounter. The same values were achieved using each method. I prefer to use the nucleocounter because it is very easy and very friendly to use. All data is easy to move to excel for more calculating for the FLOW analysis. If the data wasn't credible, we wouldn't be able to believe our data from FLOW. But all data from FLOW answered our hypotheses and confirmed our experimental setup. The Nucleocounter from ChemoMetec ia our winner in our experimental set ups. Without the Nucleocounter we're lost and I would need to apend several hours counting cells manually. Spares my body and gives credible data, thank you so much!

Application Area: Counting cells for calculating further FLOW analysis

Carina Joe

The University of Oxford, Jenner Institute

07 March 2021

5 review stars

Compact and efficient cell counter.

It easy to use and to maintain. The company is great with after sale care, they handle any problems with the machine quickly and effectively.

Application Area: Analyze the cell count and aggregation for cells prone for clumping