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Kirsten Heiss

Phialogics GmbH

06 May 2024

5 review stars

Very good counting device, don't want to use another one anymore.

Easy to use and fast. Highly reproducible results. Gives many parameters of counting results e.g. Total cell counts, viable cells, dead cells, vitality of cultured cells which are very helpful for documentation.

Application Area: Cell counting human PBMCs and cell lines

Adam Janvier

eXmoor Pharma Ltd

02 May 2024

5 review stars

Great system, we use it daily and recommend to all of our clients

The NC202 has simplified our cell count and viability processing, enabling smooth comparison between process development and GMP. The Chemometec team have been very supportive throughout our development and transition between the NC200, 250 and 202.

Application Area: Cell therapy

Kasia Marciniak

Oslo ShareLab AS

26 April 2024

5 review stars

Great results, highly recommended

Equipment of high effectiveness and great customer support. We obtain high quality and reproducible results, very easy to use.

Application Area: Cell counting

Nicolas Maguet

ABL Europe

17 April 2024

5 review stars

Insect cells counting

We used the cell counter for insect cell cultures growing in flasks. The counting method works well for this cell type. We obtained consistent and reproducible results even with high cell densities and some cell clusters. The use of cartridges enables safe analyses for the operators.

Application Area: Counting Insect cells cultivation

Katrine Mark

Blue Cell Therapeutics

05 April 2024

4 review stars

Makes the day in the lab much faster

Nice and easy to use.

Application Area: Cell counter


ACS Biotech

01 March 2024

4 review stars

Very good results obtained, difficult to do without it. Trés bons résulats de compatge obtenus , difficile de s'en passer.

Good machine efficiency for automated cell counting, reproducible results, easy to use as fast and reliable cell counting is achieved. Bonne efficacité de la machine pour un comptage cellulaire automatisé, résultats reproductibles, facile à utiliser car on obtient un comptage cellulaire rapide et fiable.

Application Area: Automated counting for cell culture. Comptage automatisé pour mise en culture cellulaire

Pauline Talbot


29 January 2024

5 review stars

Very good product

This device is very good for cell analysis such as counting. It saves time in experiments such as passage of cells. I recommend.

Application Area: Analyze cell

John Yuen Jr

Tufts University

10 January 2024

5 review stars

Ol' Reliable

Moved to a shared lab space recently with numerous cell counters available for use. Tried a bunch of them and the most reliable results seem to be the NC-202. Seems to be similar to the NC-200 that I used in the past, but with less customization.

Application Area: Cell Culture

Frida Larsen


04 January 2024

5 review stars

Great time saver

Very quick and easy to use. The machine saves us a lot of time and the results correspond to those obtained with other methods.

Application Area: Assess recovery of frozen cells.

Jason Lamar


17 November 2023

5 review stars

Awesome little device

Excellent little machine; very easy to use. Have not had any issues over the last year we have been using. Counts seem very reproducible. Takes very little sample to get accurate cell counts.

Application Area: mDC generation for immunopeptidomics research