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Clement C


19 January 2022

5 review stars

Great product and service

The service of UPM is very efficient: quick delivery (in UK at least), comprehensive process of discussion with a representative to optimise your study, availability for meetings if necessary, reactivity. The products (both GrowDex and GrowDase) are very easy to use with only one exception: the step of changing the media (manually) which can induce some variability in your final results. To fix this issue, we had discussions with UPM and they proposed some solution including the use of automated liquid handlers. Overall, the repeatability of my experiments was acceptable (<20% CV, N=6). The generation of spheroids was slightly different according to the cells type I was using, but the generation happened in any case (1 ipsc-derived cell, 1 primary cell, 2 cell lines). GrowDase is absolutely straight forward to use. I will keep using Growdex for my future works involving the use of an in vitro 3D model.

Application Area: Evaluation of transduction efficiency in a 3D in vitro model

Marjo Yliperttula

University of Helsinki

08 December 2021

5 review stars

Great results! We cannot live without this product.

The quality of the product is extremely high. It is easy to store even at room temperature. It is easy to repeat the results since the product is stable. We can open and close the syringe, and use all the material to the list drop during a long time period even two - to - three years, and no changes occur. So extremely great product for cell culture. We have obtained a new types of systems and data, and are still actively working with the GD and GD.

Application Area: Cell culture