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Mengmeng Liu


31 May 2022

5 review stars

Great biomaterial

It is an amazing biomaterial that is used for human tissue regeneration.

Application Area: 3D cell culture and tissure regeneration

Rita Turpin

University of Helsinki

08 December 2021

5 review stars

Interesting results, easy downstream applications.

The matrix is easy to use, and easier to dissolve after use which is always a big plus for downstream analysis. We have made some interesting findings, as well, so of course that is one reason we're happy to have used this matrix.

Application Area: Breast cancer immuno-oncology

Emma Ã…kerlund

Karolinska Institutet

01 December 2021

5 review stars

Great product for animal free cell culture.

Easy to use and mix directly with the media. Good for keeping spheroids apart in culture. Easy to adjust concentration.

Application Area: Drug screening of speroids

Ulla Saarela

University of Oulu

01 November 2021

5 review stars

Great product for sensitive cells

GrowDex was compatible with our sensitive cells and had no toxic effects. Organogenesis proceeded normally.

Application Area: Organ culture

Mark Becker

Northwestern University

03 December 2020

5 review stars

GrowDex is a pretty nice extracellular matrix substitute.

My airway cultures grow thicker and more robust with it than they do with collagen (or heavens forbid, nothing at all). The texture is very much like finely ground hydrated paper pulp, which makes sense. As you might imagine, it's kind of a pain to produce a non-bubbly well mixed cell suspension in a paper pulp base. Every time I use it my hand gets sore from the pipetting. This is the only significant downside that I can see.

Application Area: Organotypic primary epithelial cell culture

Mike Loncaric

Southeast Missouri State University

03 December 2020

5 review stars

Excellent material, made a significant difference!

This product was easy to use and I really enjoyed being able to work with it in my lab. Worked great and helped me collect some cool images of 3D cultures. Great material that really helps allows cells to grow and interact with surrounding extracellular framework in three dimensions.

Application Area: Cell Culturing PC12 cells, used this material to get some really cool microscopy images of my cell l