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Nina Braun

University of Copenhagen

20 November 2020

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Great instrument that made my PhD research possible.

I had the chance to use the SyncroPatch for parts of my PhD research, enabling the high-throughput functional characterization of over 300 different ASIC1a variants. Working with transiently transfected cells that were FACS-sorted before the patch-clamp experiments, I didn't expect perfect seals, but I still got good quality data and reproducible results that formed the basis for my PhD project. I measured CRCs for activation and steady-state desensitization, as well as peptide modulation of the channel, and got fantastic support from Søren Friis both with technical questions and assay design. The SyncroPatch and its software are easy to use and allow for versatile assay design. The team at Nanion goes out of their way to help with all questions and requests that come up, and they host fantastic user meetings for idea exchange. After four years using the SyncroPatch, I can highly recommend it.

Application Area: Functional screening of ion channel variants (ASIC1a)