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Christina Kadi

SB drug discovery

12 January 2022

5 review stars

Great machine, users friendly.

Great tool to test compound libraries on specific targets. Different functions can be used to investigate further the activity of ion channels

Application Area: Electrophysiology

Mahendran Kozhinjampara R

Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology

12 January 2022

5 review stars

Great results and very reliable.

Very effective, reliable and user friendly.

Application Area: Patch clamp, characterization of ion channels

Anna Bogdanova

University of Zurich

11 January 2022

5 review stars

The most valuable tool for characterisation of red blood cell ion channels!

This is the only automated high throughput patch clamp setup that allows to resolve cell-to-cell differences and characterise the fractions of red blood cells with different properties in human blood.

Application Area: Red blood cell electrophysiology

Marieke von Lindern

Sanquin Research

11 January 2022

5 review stars

I cannot wait to have the machine available for our research!

The transport of ions over the cell membrane transmits important signals to almost all cell types. It is essential for the survival and function of cells and thereby for our existence and in disease and therapy. The SyncroPatch allows us to study how transport of ions over the cell membrane is regulated in health and disease: much, much more efficient and reliable than the previously available technology. An important breakthrough!

Application Area: Measuring ion transport over cell membranes