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Priyanku Sharma


18 May 2020

5 review stars

Friendly product for all who need to carry sample for short distances. Nothing short of excellent!

Excellent precious sample carrier for short distances with excellent temperature control. It's also cost effective and easy to maintain.

Application Area: Sample carrier for short distances

Marcin Kondraciuk

Medical University of BiaƂystok

15 May 2020

4 review stars

Instrument is good if you want to provide excellent temperature control.

I use manual liquid nitrogen filling. The level indicator can changed from minimum to maximum in one second, but maybe this is due to the rapid refilling of the container with nitrogen. The disadvantage is that the device will only contain one cryo box inside. But if you use SBS racks, you can fit four of them. The device is good for working with one box. Transporting more or working on multiple boxes is difficult.

Application Area: Biobanking and cell culture

Mahesh Daudia


14 May 2020

5 review stars

Easy to use once set up.

A simple piece of equipment and easy to use once topped up with liquid nitrogen. The qualification could not be simpler. A few thermocouples in the liquid nitrogen, close the lid and away you go.

Application Area: Manufacturing

Eddie Hickey

Precision BioSciences

14 May 2020

5 review stars

Great product - would easily purchase again!

This product is very easy to use! I had never used this particular type of equipment previously so I was a bit apprehensive until I was able to dive in and get my hands on it. Very dependable too with no issues yet!

Application Area: Freeze samples for transport

Melanie Shears

University of Washington

01 May 2020

5 review stars

The best small instrument purchase I have made all year!

The Cryopod is easy to use and provides a safe way to transport precious samples across campus. The temperature logger and easy-to-read temperature display ensure that I always know that my samples have been maintained at the correct temperature during transit.

Application Area: Immunology

Afrah Albadri


01 May 2020

4 review stars

Won't be able to continue using it if we cannot calibrate it annually.

It is a great product, secure and very easy to use. However, they do not provide a yearly calibration service for Cryopods, when I contacted them a few months ago, I was informed that Crypods do not get calibrated and was only offered IQ/OQ documents to qualify it! The Cryopod has a temperature sensor, a thermocouple inside, if this doesn't get calibrated routinely, then how can we ensure the Cryopod is reading the correct temperature? I am trying to source a company that can calibrate our Cryopods for us, but can't find any! I hope you can improve this area please.

Application Area: Cell therapy - transfer of frozen cells