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Steve Baeyen


21 October 2021

5 review stars

Good quality and value for money

We have been using cleanNGS for several years now at ILVO for clean-up of Illumina targeted sequencing libraries and clean-up of Nanopore WGS libraries. It replaces the AMPureXP beads 1:1 for several workflows and we are very happy with the consistently high quality, good value for money and simple protocol.

Application Area: NGS clean-up

Isabel Vanoverberghe


26 July 2021

4 review stars

Easy to use, time efficient, lower cost for more samples.

Purification of DNA with clean NGS is time efficiƫnt compared to the use of purification columns. The protocol is straightforward and easy to follow. You can purify more samples at once, so it is handy for high throughput. The total cost gets lower the more samples you process.

Application Area: Purification PCR material for Miseq

Almer van Belzen

Genetwister Technologies

17 July 2020

5 review stars

Very reliable products that I confidently entrust my precious samples with.

At our lab the magnetic bead based plant DNA purification system Clean Plant PK DNA Kit is routinely used for quick and robust gDNA isolation from various plant species. The ease of use and compatibility to our liquid handler made it one of our most preferred plant DNA extraction protocols. After implementing the CleanNGS magnetic beads in our lab routines we covered most of our plant DNA handling and purification methodologies. The CleanNGS magnetic beads substitute many of other manufacturers magnetic beads with comparable or even better results when applied for size selection and purification of our plant DNA extracts. Clean NGS products helped our lab to improve quality and throughput and substantially cut costs and hands-on-time.

Application Area: Extraction and cleanup of plant DNA

Chris Kimberley

Barts Cancer Institite

29 June 2020

5 review stars

Very happy and will keep using them.

Some members of the lab were not keen to change away from the regular bead clean up supplier. We tested these and found they gave slightly higher amount of DNA and just as clean.

Application Area: Clean up libraries for next generation sequencing

Jonathan Abeles

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

08 June 2020

4 review stars

Easy to use!

This product was used as part of my research project in molecular epidemiology and I was really happy with the results it produced. It made it an easy process to extract the DNA across all samples and ensured accurate sequencing data.

Application Area: DNA extraction

Patrick van Eijk

Division of Cancer & Genetics, School of Medicine, Cardiff University

16 January 2020

5 review stars

Like-for-like replacement to the large name-brand equivalents.

Delivers reproducible DNA size-selection for a variety of NGS applications and can be used in with-bead applications.

Application Area: NGS library prep