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Thomas Schubert

2bind GmbH

24 June 2021

5 review stars

Great device for kinetic analyses - We will buy more of them

The GCI is an very nice tool supporting our biophysical tool set for drug discovery with accurate kinetics. The device is able to detect even fastest kinetics and is very accurate. The waveRAPID mode allows screening of large sets of compounds / fragments by kinetics, which is very helpful. The use of the device is very easy, comfortable and intuitive. Protocols from orthogonal kinetic methods can be easily transferred (and vice versa), which allows fast adoption and optimization of the technical setup. The support of Creoptix is awesome.: they are super reactive and answer the questions detailed. We are super happy with the device and the Creoptix team.

Application Area: Small molecule drug discovery, Fragment based drug discovery

Courtney Clark


18 June 2021

5 review stars

Highly recommended!

Very easy to use, produces reliable and reproducible data using a different analysis methods.

Application Area: Small molecule binding kinetics



08 June 2021

5 review stars

Great results after optimization. High reproducibility and sensitivity.

Very efficient system, significantly accurate data with high reproducibility and sensitivity. Great customer support.

Application Area: Binding screen and kinetics analysis for biomolecular interactions

Robert Horvath

Nanobiosensorics Laboratory

17 November 2019

5 review stars

High quality data and excellent support.

This is the best instrument we have come across for label-free small molecule research. The leading sensitivity of grating coupled interferometry, the referencing ability, and carefully designed robotic sample handling make this instrument highly valuable in our lab. What is definitely strong is the excellent support. They really dig deep and take care of even small details in supporting our assay design and later data analysis. Feedback was always fast and very helpful.

Application Area: Small molecule binding, polyphenol-protein interaction, molecular biophysics