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ahmed Nabil

Alexandria University

12 March 2021

5 review stars

Great instrument. It is fast, high quality and doesn't have any problems with it.

It is an effective instrument without any technical problems.

Application Area: University research

James Schouten


03 January 2020

5 review stars

Robust with multiple applications. Dependable results with high sensitivity.

This is a great platform. Versatile and robust with super sensitivity and a broad detection range. It has made a big impact on our projects where we typically use it to explore complex binding interactions. The sensitivity allows you to create multiple layers on the chip without losing signal levels and a resolution to detect rapid kinetic changes. The support team are great to work with and really understand the technology applications to a level which makes communication and implementation of new ideas a simple and effective process.

Application Area: Analysis of high affinity interactions and their application in rapid diagnostic devices