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Kimberly Smythe

Fred Hutch CRC

14 November 2019

5 review stars

Highly recommend.

I work mostly with multiplex immunohistochemistry images evaluating the tumor microenvironment with a focus on tumor infiltration and cell-cell interactions. I've used several image analysis softwares over the years, but I continue to use HALO because it is easy to use yet very powerful. I started using HALO back when Indica Labs was a much smaller company and before they launched HALO Link (which I also like). Although they've grown substantially, they continue to try to provide great customer service and are always working to improve their product. No technology is perfect, but they appear to be passionate about getting past the hurdles of image analysis and to expand the functionality of the software while keeping the learning curve reasonable. I put 4/5 for Ease of Use due more to some functionality improvements that are needed.

Application Area: Evaluate the tumor microenvironment

Camille Britton-Rivet


28 October 2019

5 review stars

Amazing software and service.

Indica labs is of great support when using Halo. Their customer service is really great. Halo is a very user friendly software, but the technical support is also what makes it the best digital pathology software on the market. they are always open to any suggestion and the response time is usually very short.

Application Area: Image analysis of various staining using Halo software

Timothy Baradet

Bristol-Myers Squibb

09 October 2019

5 review stars

We use HALO & HALO-Link daily to coordinate studies for our analysts and pathologists.

HALO is a whole-slide image analysis platform that is designed to work how pathologists classify & score images using a microscope. It uses a set of tools that are very familiar to anyone who has used any type of image viewing/editing program at home. It can be learned in a day to analyze brightfield & fluorescent whole slide images and TMAs. There are sophisticated tools to analyze tissues labeled by chromogenic and fluorescent IHC, RNAScope, FISH & ISH. HALO may be installed on stand-alone workstations or cloud services such as AWS. File sharing through HALO-Link lets user access studies through a simple web-interface sharing a common database. HALO AI allows any user to developing sophisticated AI based tissue classification without the need for external programs or expensive computing hardware.

Application Area: Immuno-oncology Research

Spencer Revill

Molecular Phenotyping & Imaging Core (MPIC) Facility

04 October 2019

5 review stars

Stellar support team and next level research capabilities.

The HALO Image Analysis Platform is a complete game changer in research. Being able to analyze our digitalized tissue slides and TMA slides in order to extract cell counts & cell types based on Immunohistochemistry (IHC) & In situ hybridization (ISH; CISH & FISH) staining allows us to better & more reliably determine the effectiveness of drugs as well as further understand diseases & disease progression. Getting good at using HALO takes training, practice and WebEx assistance from Indica Labs, but once you're up an running, there's no stopping the possibilities. Pairing up this revolutionary technology with a stellar service from the Indica Labs support team that has provided us guidance, usage ideas as well as listening to the customers requests with regards to the regular software updates, makes this platform near unbeatable.

Application Area: Localize and quantify cellular proteins and RNA sequences in tissues samples and tissue microarrays

Philip Martin


04 October 2019

5 review stars

For the Pathologist HALO is by far the best digital image analysis platform available.

As a Pathologist specializing in digital image analysis, I have had the opportunity to use several different digital image analysis platforms. Indica Labs' HALO is by far the most accurate, versatile and user friendly digital image analysis platform that I have used. Literally within 10-15 minutes of "tuning" one of their "out of the box" detection algorithms, I can perform image analysis for most simple immunohistochemical markers. The workflow is simple, with sacanned images being imported directly into HALO with or without annotations for analysis. This even allows for remote use when working off site. The customer support is AMAZING and I routinely get same day or next day help from the technical support reps. HALO is a must have for any pathologist or scientist involved in quantifying immunohistochemical stains. In addition the HALO AI module is extremely easy to use. Within 20 minutes I was able to set up AI detection of tumor vs. normal tissue, as well as tumor epithelium vs. stroma. HALO provides everything one needs for quantification of IHC for clinical and pre-clinical studies (of course with supervision of a pathologist). Best of all: it is fun, like a video game for Pathologists!

Application Area: Digital image analysis of immuno-oncology clinical and preclinical samples

Michael Surace


20 September 2019

5 review stars

Excellent tool, fast, user friendly, powerful.

I am almost completely satisfied with the HALO image analysis platform. The main areas of improvement would be in cell segmentation using membrane markers and in data analysis after datafication of the slide. My principle bottleneck is in creating actionable insight from the multiple reported parameters. I think that Indica's experience with AI and multiplex data generation positions you well to exploit the current need in the marketplace. One more thing - phenotyping manually by thresholding with no morphology/cell size, neighbor information is good but if I had a magic wand, then phenotyping would be a full suite of tools with spatial, multimarker, and morphological features that could be weighted from 0 to 1 in a machine learning classifier model.

Application Area: Spatial analysis of multiplex immunofluorescent pathology images

James Jonkman

University Health Network, Advanced Optical Microscopy Facility

19 September 2019

5 review stars

Halo is the simply the best whole-slide analysis software available.

Halo is simply the best whole-slide analysis software available. We have a large core facility, scanning over 15,000 brightfield and 2,000 fluorescence slides per year (plus many confocal microscopes, etc.). For whole-slide analysis, we formerly used Genie (from Aperio), and InForm (from Perkin Elmer), and we have collaborators using Definiens (no longer available) and Visiopharm. But now we have over 50 users per month working on Halo and the other platforms have been virtually shut down. Halo is very easy to get up and running - within a 2 hour session we can get a new user started with their own classification and cell counting application. Most users run a batch analysis overnight and collect and review their results in the morning. The team at Indica Labs are quick to respond when we have a challenging analysis project - they will WebEx in and help optimize the parameters. They have the experience (and courage) to tell us if the staining is just not suitable or a more complex classifier is required.

Application Area: Multiple cancer, neuroscience, and cardiac applications in a core facility