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Noemi A Saavedra Avila

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

24 December 2020

5 review stars

Great results, good service, easy to use, saves time.

You can stain and distinguish up to 34 characteristics represented by fluorochromes in a cell or a mixture of cells.

Application Area: Immunology, cancer, virology

Helena Zomer

University of Illinois

23 June 2020

5 review stars

Great support team.

I use the Cytek Aurora to analyze mouse testicular populations. The equipment and software are very user-friendly and fast to use. The support team is amazing and so helpful. Recommended!

Application Area: Characterizing testicular cell populations.

Zachary Niziolek

Bauer Core

23 June 2020

5 review stars

Easy to use system that allows for a flexible approach.

Extremely easy to use system that allowed a more streamline approach to look at different protein subsets of particular cells within the brain. This system allowed us to verify additional data and added a unique look at existing data.

Application Area: Flow Cytometry in Neurology

Kurt Van Gunst


10 June 2020

5 review stars

Game changer.

The Cytek Aurora is a game changer. It is of excellent value, has a small footprint, and can achieve much higher resolution, high-parameter data than conventional cytometers. Cytek has been a pleasure to work with in terms of both sales and technical support, and the Aurora is an extremely powerful and easy to use cytometer.

Application Area: High parameter flow cytometry methods

Harpreet Vohra

Australian National university

15 May 2020

5 review stars

Fantastic result that some people have struggled to get from classical flow cytometers.

We did a demo of the unit just before the pandemic hit research labs. The amazing resolution, auto fluorochrome reduction and the ease of use was spectacularly useful in visualization of results when analysis was done for immuno-conjugates, rare cell prime flow detection, and dim resolving populations, and of course standard populations with medium antigen density. The data looked particularly good for coexpressed molecules even on not so bright fluorochromes. The higher log scale makes it look really nice. The software is very friendly and instrument easy to operate. In our facility with 10 existing instruments this instrument seems like an easy fit with huge gains! We are finalizing our quotes and looking forward to having a couple of these genius machines to work with.

Application Area: High parameter analysis of immune cells

Matthew Bernard

Michigan State University

14 May 2020

5 review stars

Great instrument for a core facility!

The Cytek Aurora is a really great research tool to have oriented within a core facility. The instrument/software is very user-friendly and has been robust in our hands in terms of operation and maintenance. Users already familiar with larger parameter panel design will likely adapt quickly to using the instrument and the spectral unmixing aspect of the data analysis. We have found that users that are new to flow cytometry or vaguely familiar with using a flow cytometer will require more training and guidance that is typically required for a digital cytometer, but this is not excessive. Cytek is continually rolling out new tools and guidances that aid in panel design and spectral unmixing, but you may have to actively seek out these updates and best practices. Overall the instrument is great value for the cost and having the ability to build panels up to 40 colors (currently) is an invaluable tool for users setting up immunophenotyping experiments.

Application Area: Immunophenotyping, evaluation of fluorescent protein expression

Jakub Kopycinski

University Of Oxford

14 May 2020

4 review stars

Exceptional population resolution for markers that were found to be dim on another cytometer.

Enabled me to obtain high resolution data using reagents that I’d previously thought to be obsolete. Antibodies previously thought to be dimly expressed look fantastic. Nice and simple to use and has saved money in my grant.

Application Area: Immune profiling of vaccine induced responses

Zachary Niziolek

Flow Core

24 January 2020

5 review stars

Easy and great system to analyze cells!

Extremely easy system and great reproducibility. Makes panel design and cell analysis a breeze. No more spending hours adjusting parameters to have the best fit.

Application Area: Flow cytometry