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Gonzalo Garreton


24 November 2020

5 review stars

Best weighing device for any laboratory.

This a great balance for all your weighing needs. It can be configured to your specific laboratory requirements. Best of all is an open source unit which allows the end user to personally perform a calibration and adjustment on this balance on their own. This feature alone is a great time saver minimizing downtime whenever the unit needs to serviced.

Application Area: Mass weighing and pipetting

Mohammed Khursheed Akhtar

King Abdulaziz university jeddah

17 September 2020

5 review stars

Amazing product, must buy.

The best immunoassay analyzer is one that meets the needs of the laboratory and offers reliable performance. Finding an immunoassay analyzer that staff members can trust is foundational to supporting patient care through timely results. Conversely, an instrument that does not perform consistently is costly to a laboratory in terms of time, resources, and patient and physician satisfaction. Instrument downtime disrupts workflow, and staff members may be pulled away from other high-priority tasks to troubleshoot problems for unknown lengths of time. This product meets all our immunoassay needs. Excellent service and accuracy as well as sensitivity.

Application Area: Analyze the concentration of antigens and antibodies

Clyd Smith


09 March 2020

5 review stars

Great stability, great data!

Great piece of equipment with a lot of functionalities. The big screen is very rare on this type of instrument. The internal software is great and easy to navigate!

Application Area: Lab balances



09 March 2020

5 review stars

Excellent purchase, great satisfaction!

Easy to use, self-leveling, practical, precise and reliable. The ionizer is very useful to eliminate electrostatic charges when weighing fine powders. Large and easily readable display. Rapid and comprehensive after-sales assistance. Good value for money even if the investment is of a high standard.

Application Area: Quality control

Jay Magin


10 February 2020

5 review stars

Not a single analyst in our lab would rather weigh on anything but a Cubis II.

Having purchased two Cubis II balances this past year, my expectations were exceeded in all areas of performance: Hardware, software, design, and manufacture. The accuracy, precision, and ergonomics of these balances far surpasses anything else in our laboratory.

Application Area: QC Laboratory

Akash Sarupani

Shree hari life sciences

10 February 2020

5 review stars

The very latest innovation in weighing and with good services.

One of the best 21 CFR compliant balances with tailor-made design and accuracy and the latest technology of the weighing in industry, including automatic leveling.

Application Area: Weighing

Gabriela Martínez


10 February 2020

5 review stars


It is a good laboratory product, easy to use, reliable, and with the best features in the market.

Application Area: Lab work

firas yaiche

Bouattour equipements et services

10 February 2020

5 review stars


Nice, reproducible, easy to use with good after sales care.

Application Area: Biotech

Christopher Marks

Lannett Company

10 February 2020

4 review stars

Cubis balances are excellent laboratory balances.

The product is an excelent balance and has an intergrated touch screen with 21 CFR Part 11 functionality.

Application Area: Balance

N.D.Asha Wijegunawardana

University of Rajarata, Sri Lanka

22 July 2019

5 review stars

Great instrument. We got good value for our purchasing decision.

It enables high-quality results with higher precision. Also reproducibility is very high. Equipment cleaning is easy to perform. Durable for usage over a long time even by undergraduate students.

Application Area: Weighing chemicals in molecular biology reagents preparation