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Rana Paul

BJS Biotechnologies

12 July 2021

5 review stars

Good product.

Nicely manufactured product.

Application Area: PCR tests

Elaine Ginn


27 March 2020

5 review stars

Good quality, seals well in a 4C fridge.

Seals well, sample does not evaporate. Lid is a plus to keep ice out.

Application Area: Standard solution storage

Sandra Story


27 March 2020

4 review stars

Everyone loves this product that helps efficiency and organization.

The multitube rack is a perfect fit for out liquid handler. Keeping track of inventory is no longer a complicated chore and we have confidence in the long term storage stability and that our product can be shipped safely.

Application Area: Drug development stability storage

Jessica Gines

Pendulum Therapeutics

28 January 2020

5 review stars

Great product, so many color options. Great customer service!

This product is great! Great quality, great customer service after purchase. I love the flexibility in cap types and colors. So many cap colors!

Application Area: Long term storage

Ying Li


20 June 2019

5 review stars

Great products, good quality, strong tech support, easy to use, good price.

Great products, good quality, strong tech support, easy to use, good price.

Application Area: Clinical sample bioanalysis.

Juliana Kunz

Veritas Genetics

19 June 2019

5 review stars

Helps organization

Helps to keep long term storage frozen samples in order.

Application Area: Long term frozen sample vial storage

D Driessen


11 April 2019

4 review stars

High quality product

High quality product which makes your work easier. Solid rack for storage and unique barcode for sample identification.

Application Area: Sample storage room temperature and cool storage