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Ramakrishna Reddy Dosada

Bayer Bioscience Pvt Ltd

27 March 2020

4 review stars

Great product, easy of use, but the price is very high.

Product is excellent but the price is very high. If the company reviews the price, they may gain many more customers.

Application Area: DNA fingerprinting of plants using leaf tissues

Amanda Ricc


19 June 2019

5 review stars

Easy to use!

I use these tubes every day in order to store patient samples. They are great for needing to freeze samples as they hold up to the low temperatures.

Application Area: Specimen sample freezing

Yu Shu


19 June 2019

5 review stars

Great product always reliable with no flaw of engineering. Reliable 2d barcode.

The 2d tube is well engineered with no flaws after working with tens of thousands of them so far. Also experienced only very very rare 2d barcode reading errors, which I personally feel is acceptable. We have chosen microfiche tubes for large scale long term storage containers based on its reliability.

Application Area: Storage of human specimens with robotic handling