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Beatriz Musgrove

Prairie Aquatech

01 April 2022

5 review stars

Great results and user friendly

The protein analyzer is easy to operate, easy to troubleshoot, provides accurate results. The touchscreen and the software provided make it super user friendly. Our application is towards feed industry and this piece of equipment is fundamental to our daily analyses. I would recommend.

Application Area: Protein analyzer

Brian Steinlicht

Dairyland Laboratories Inc.

03 March 2020

5 review stars

I hope that my review speaks for itself. Great product, great service, great value.

I have been using Leco products for 22 years and the best thing I can say is that the issue with Leco corporation is they make a product so well and so easy to maintain that you won't need to buy another instrument if it has been maintained properly. The phone service team has the experience needed to carefully walk even the most novice of technicians through the troubleshooting process, so anyone should be able to follow the step-by-step instructions to fix the instrument. They continue to make improvements to their product, anyone who has needed to replace the fitting prior to the furnace filter on the first-gen 628 knows that the service staff are listening as the update makes this process seamless. The fact that I have been using this for the past 15 years to me says that I get a great value for my money. I attempted to use another company's instrument and had to replace it with a Leco after just 4 years of use.

Application Area: Analyzing for nitrogen in agricultural products