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Paul Harvath

Added Dimension Consulting

03 March 2020

5 review stars

Amazing price to performance ratio.

The Leco Pegasus BT is a very sensitive, mid-resolution mass spectrometer with GCxGC separation. It is a very useful tool for the laboratory when dealing with non-targeted analysis of difficult samples.

Application Area: Analysis of lubricants

Kyra Murrell

Penn State University

26 March 2019

5 review stars

Great product for GCxGC and trace analysis.

This instrument is a good purchase for someone who does GCxGC and wants to see very trace levels.

Application Area: Chemsitry, gas chromatography

Paige Teehan

Pennsylvania State University

26 March 2019

5 review stars

Great system for analytical work.

This system is capable of ultra trace analysis. The software has a great user interface. Works well for a variety of applications.

Application Area: Comprehensive gas chromatography