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Ismaeel Muhamed


24 December 2020

4 review stars

Multitasking high throughput instrument. Has deep data analysis features built in.

The instrument is very technical and the manual the vendor provided is very useful. I could contact the sales team anytime and they handle issues quickly.

Application Area: Biophysical characterization of viruses, antibodies and nanoparticles

Gejing Deng


27 May 2020

4 review stars

These instruments allow us to ensure the high quality of the proteins we use for our research.

We have been using Wyatt instruments for many years and have been very happy with these instruments and Wyatt's services and tech support. They have been very helpful in providing guidance and support for our applications.

Application Area: Protein oligomeric state and aggregation; protein/protein and protein/DNA interaction etc.

Michael Bruce


27 May 2020

5 review stars

Great instrumentation!

The instrument is very easy to use. Wyatt is always very helpful and supportive. They are experts in the field and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their customers are satisfied and trained correctly.

Application Area: kD analysis of antibody solutions

Tahir Tahirov

University of Nebraska Medical Center

27 May 2020

5 review stars

This is among the most frequently used instruments in our lab.

I like several aspect of this equipment like the precision and accuracy of measurements of light scattering using small amounts of sample. Fast and easy for the determination of macromolecular sample quality before using in crystallization or functional assays.

Application Area: Structural biology and biochemistry