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Aaisha Ameen

University of Waterloo

23 May 2022

5 review stars

Love the experimental design aspect, super versatile instrument.

Great set up and seamless user interface.

Application Area: LNP characterization

Ghaleb Husseini

American University of Sharjah

14 December 2021

5 review stars

Great machine and outstanding company.

Easy to use, reliable, very friendly keto help staff and always available to help. The machine is at heart of what we do.

Application Area: Get the size of nanocarriers.

Brad Sullivan

Calusa Bio

07 July 2021

5 review stars

By far the best option for a DLS plate reader.

Everything about the instrument is straightforward and intuitive. I am especially impressed with the software; setting up experiments, interpreting and processing data, couldn't be easier.

Application Area: Protein aggregation



07 July 2021

5 review stars

Highly recommend this plate reader! Well worth the money.

Excellent services whenever needed! I highly recommend them.

Application Area: Characterizing solution properties of macromolecules