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suvana lin

umass medical school

27 March 2023

5 review stars

It gives an answer in a very short time with small amounts of samples.

It is simple to use, doesn't require a lot of sample. It gives results in a very short time.

Application Area: characterize protein sizes

Shahzaib Shahid

Hanyang University

20 July 2021

4 review stars

Reliable data set.

As a bionanoengineer, I prepare a wide range of polypeptide based nanostructures for their biomedical applications. I have used another machine also for size measurement but this equipment is very sensitive as it can detect very minute levels of polydispersity in the sample which makes it a good equipment for size measurements.

Application Area: Analyze the size and PDI of nanoparticles in colloidal state

Chin-Chuan Wei

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

27 May 2020

4 review stars

Easy to use. Excellent service.

The instrument is very easy to set up and use. The credits from instrument purchase for attending lighting school is really helpful to master measurements.

Application Area: Analyze protein fiber formation and molecular weights

Andrea Berman

University of Pittsburgh

05 January 2017

4 review stars

Great product, fantastic service, amazing company

The machine is excellent for sample characterization and intermolecular interaction assays (we work on RNA and protein interactions). The service engineers and Wyatt corporate have been outstanding and have bent over backwards to help our newly established laboratory with software, hardware, and user issues.

Application Area: analyze crystallographic samples