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Arto Pulliainen

University of Turku, Institute of Biomedicine

11 May 2022

5 review stars

Optilab T-rEX is a reliable and easy to use refractive index detector.

Optilab T-rEX is our refractive index detector online with the HPLC system and miniDAWN TREOS II 3-angle light scattering detector. We use the above system to characterize recombinant proteins, e.g. their in-solution homo- and heteromultimerization properties, and conjugation to carbohydrates or nucleic acids. In the latter application, the Optilab T-rEX is a seminal piece of the analytical pipeline, and overall provides us with an efficient means to measure concentrations in all of our SEC-MALS applications. The use is straightforward with our protein core personnel, and also with external users after we have trained the operating person. The instrument has been extremy reliable.

Application Area: Protein chemistry

An-I Yeh

National Taiwan University

07 March 2020

4 review stars

This instrument is very helpful and workable.

To directly determine the molecular weight is a difficult job to work on. This instrument enabled my lab to easily determine the molecular weight of starch, cellulose, and chitin with reliable data. The operation of the instrument needs some training, and fundamental understanding on the measurement principles. I used the SEC/MALLS/RI analysis system comprising a SEC system (1260 Infinity, Agilent), a multi-angle laser light scattering (MALLS) detector (DAWN HELEOS-II, λ = 658 nm, Wyatt Technology), and an RI detector (RI, Optilab T-rEX, Wyatt technology).

Application Area: Molecular weight of polymers

Mojalefa Mofokeng

Senmin Iternational

28 September 2018

5 review stars

One of the best analytical instruments I ever used in my 25 years working.

As we were starting characterization of our polymers depressants and collectors, we needed to get instruments that will give us most information for us to understand how each property will affect the quality and performance of our product, as part of continuous improvement. We bought the Wyatt triple detectors of which RI was one of them. The service we got from the company was very good starting from installation of the instruments. Doing operational qualification and performance qualification of the detectors was excellent. They sent a professor to help us with that training on the system for data analysis. After sale care was also excellent - when we had just started we had problems in understanding some information and data we got from the systems. We sent all the information to Wyatt head office and within 24 hours we got response. When one of the detectors had a breakdown we shipped to the US and within a very short time it was back working properly.

Application Area: Molecular weight analysis for depressants. Together with the LS detector we are able to do conformat

William Wittbold

Ajinomoto Althea

20 December 2016

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Used daily in our lab- we consistently rely on it!

The Optilab T-rEX is the perfect complement to the DAWN HELEOS II to supply reliable and accurate concentration information for molecular weight measurements. Having an RI detector in our flow path is also quite handy if our samples have weak or no UV absorbance.

Application Area: Measure concentration of downstream SEC samples