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Julia Ham

United States Naval Academy

14 December 2021

5 review stars

Reliable data and excellent customer service!

Really easy to use, and was simple to integrate with my existing HPLC system. The data it produces is extremely reproducible, and the instrument requires little attention which is great. Also, our local Wyatt rep is very accessible for questions that we have and does a great job of answering our questions when they come up. Honestly, one of the best instrument companies I've ever worked with.

Application Area: Polymer characterization

Rusty Gill


14 December 2021

5 review stars

Accurate and reproducible results. Who could ask for more?

Wyatt Technology and the miniDawn came into my life 20+ years ago. The struggle with polyurethane molecular weights is well known. Lots of techniques and instruments fail to give accurate and reproducible results. With the miniDawn we quickly found the solution. The instrument is easy to use, well supported by the Wyatt team, and most of all gave accurate molar mass and configuration results. What a joy!

Application Area: Polymers

Martin Reiser

University of Graz

14 December 2021

5 review stars

Good MALS-detector for SEC, great support!

The miniDAWN is connected to an AGILENT HPLC Infinity 1260 system. We use it as an HPLC detector for our SEC system to analyze the molecular mass of pharmaceutical peptides. HPLC and detector can be controlled by Wyatt's ASTRA software without problems. The software is easy to use and user-friendly, but it is very different from OPENLab from Agilent. The system was explained to me very extensively during the installation and the Supplies for maintenance of the device are very detailed. Questions to Wyatt have always been answered very quickly.

Application Area: Molecular mass Analysis of pharmaceutical proteins

Preetam Holkar

AllExcel Inc

07 July 2021

4 review stars

Overall the instrument is great and gives great results.

Instrument is easy to use and software is user friendly. Some times I do get some problem with result reproducibility, mostly when the peaks are not sharp or when there is difference between LS and UV peaks. But overall, the instrument is great and worth the value for money.

Application Area: Molecular weight analysis on polymeric samples