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Kevin Sill

Tyndall Formulation Services

09 July 2020

5 review stars

Outstanding instrument quality and customer service.

I am a long time user of Wyatt instruments. Most recently, my lab acquired a Wyatt Treos (multi-angle light scattering detector) and rEX (refractometer). The installation was complete within a day, and Wyatt provides on-sight training for one scientist with instrument purchase. The multi-day training is comprehensive and highly informative. Customer service is outstanding, with prompt responses to any inquiry. Their instruments and software are top of the line. Strongly recommend this line of equipment for any molecular weight determination and/or size exclusion chromatography detection.

Application Area: Polymer characterization

Martin Reiser

University of Graz

29 May 2020

5 review stars

Good detector for size exclusion with great support.

We got this detector alongside an Agilent HPLC system last year. The complete installation and calibration was done by an technician from Wyatt and it has worked very well. The technician gave us a informative introduction to the instrument and was great at answer our questions. We got a lot of additional supplies for mainentance and operating (syringe filters, cleaning material, BSA-Standards and buffer substances for hard checks). The cooperation between Wyatt and Agilent could be better. The control of the HPLC and the miniDAWN works with Wyatt's ASTRA Software, which is easy-to-use and intuitive for results and reports. But on the other hand, control of the HPLC system is partly confusing and a little bit tricky (e.g. the switch-on procedure requires a distinct order of switch on's). Whereas evaluation and creating reports/graphs is easier to handle with ASTRA than with OpenLab CDS Software from Agilent. Results and graphs can be easily be exported to MS Office and the ASTRA software can be installed on other computers without license problems for evaluation and reporting. The miniDAWN itself works as a SEC detector as per description.

Application Area: Analyze molecular weight of proteins and pharmaceutical additives

Ken Whitson

Estron Chemical

27 May 2020

4 review stars

Great instrument, good software, bad support policy.

Our MiniDAWN runs like a clock and has been a great tool for molecular weight analysis in the lab. I thought the ASTRA software had a relatively steep learning curve, but works fine once the user becomes comfortable.

Application Area: Polymers and small molecules

Thomas Müller

Affimed GmbH

21 February 2020

4 review stars

The detector is a great expansion of our SE-HPLC workflow. We don’t want to miss it!

Affimed GmbH our vision is to stop cancer from ever derailing patients’ lives. By using our modular and versatile ROCK® (Redirected Optimized Cell Killing) platform, we generate proprietary, next-generation antibodies. Our tetravalent (four binding sites) bispecific (two targets) innate cell engagers are designed to bring innate immune cells (NK cells or macrophages) into proximity to cancer cells and trigger a signal cascade that leads to the destruction of these cancer cells. In consequence, we aim to actualize the next great advancement in IO by creating novel medicines designed to give patients back their innate ability to fight cancer. In my department, we analyze and monitor the assembly of our ROCK® engager formats and therefore screen many different molecular antibody formats on a daily basis. We were looking for a method or an instrument which enables rapid determination of the molecular weight of proteins in their native state at any timepoint in our purification process. We purchased a miniDAWN TreosII two years ago as an expansion of our HPLC system. Today we are mainly using the detector for SEC-MALS analysis which has become one of our standard methods, both for analysis of final protein samples and for in-process controls in terms of molecular weights and polydispersity of the sample. In the meantime we further expanded our system by adding an online Refractive Index Detector (Optilab T-rEX) to increase data accuracy and flexibility of measuring unknown sample components by SEC-MALS.

Application Area: Analysis of molecular weights and polydispersity of purified protein samples