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Preetam Holkar

AllExcel Inc

28 September 2023

4 review stars

Great Results

Instrument is user Friendly and easy to use . Support system is great. Have been using this along with RI instrument .

Application Area: Polymer Molecular Weight Analysis

Ying Chee


06 November 2020

5 review stars

Overall a good detector for SEC-MALS and relatively simple to set up to use.

The instrument is relatively simple to use, but the front panel interface at times makes it difficult to select the correct touch screen button, as the screen size is small and you need to be precise in touching the small buttons. An attached stylus would be nice to make it easier to make the selections you need.

Application Area: Analyze protein samples using SEC-MALS (size exclusion chromatography multi-angle light scattering)

Ying Chee


27 May 2020

4 review stars

MicroDawn MALS detector from Wyatt is reliable and simple to use!

The MicroDawn MALS detector is easy to use and the on-panel interface makes setting parameters simpler. The detector is quite simple to set-up and the Wyatt service engineers are available for technical assistance if needed. Great company and service.

Application Area: Analyze size exclusion chromatography fragments

Phuoc Nguyen


10 December 2019

5 review stars

Great product!

Great product and always produces high quality data!

Application Area: Molecular weight analysis