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Kash mshk

university of texas at austin

23 March 2021

5 review stars

Perfect matrigel for intestinal organoids!

We have been using this matrigel for intestinal organoids culture and they have been working really well. The viscosity is suitable to form a dome in the wells and make a perfect matrigel pad for intestinal organoids. It is totally transparent and solidifies pretty easily when put in the incubator for 5 minutes! I definitely recommend this for organoid culture!

Application Area: Organoids

Chao Wu

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

23 March 2021

5 review stars

It is a very good product!

I use Matrigel all the time to generate patient-derived organoids. The matrigel I purchased from Corning has stable quality and it makes my experiments easy to handle and repeatable!

Application Area: Generate patient-derived organoids

Amanda Linkous

Vanderbilt University

05 February 2019

4 review stars

Essential product for production of cerebral organoids!

Very easy to use. Creates perfect matrix for growing primary cells and for use as a scaffold for cerebral organoids. It is important to limit freeze/thaw cycles. Aliquoting is integral to a successful process.

Application Area: Coat surfaces for making cerebral organoids