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Venkata Dandey

New York Structural Biology

14 January 2019

5 review stars

The best!!

Easy to use. Fully automated and results come out great.

Application Area: Structural biology

Nicholas Noinaj

Purdue University - Biological Sciences - Structural Biology - Purdue Institute of Inflammation, Imm

16 August 2016

5 review stars

An ESSENTIAL tool to streamline structure determination: A+

The Dragonfly has rapidly become an ESSENTIAL tool that significantly streamlines structure determination! Screens that used to take hours to prepare can now be made in under 10 minutes using the user-friendly software and intuitive design of the instrument. Amazingly, the 10-heads are more than sufficient to create screens ranging in complexity from simple x,y gradients to multi-zone optimization. With virtually no dead volume and the fact that you are aliquoting directly into the crystallization tray, the Dragonfly can conserve on those expensive chemicals and rapidly produces a crystallization tray ready for the crystallization robot. The Dragonfly makes optimization of lead conditions a breeze and alleviates the crystallization bottleneck, allowing you to focus more on the science of the target than on the pursuit of crystals.

Application Area: Screen optimization for the crystallization of membrane proteins

Andrii Ishchenko

University of Southern California

11 August 2016

4 review stars

The instrument does the job

The device is very easy to use; the software has a simple interface that is straightforward for new users. Liquid dispensing seems to be quite accurate even for very viscous materials.

Application Area: Production of optimization screens