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Dolores Sánchez Pozo


13 December 2022

4 review stars

Great results Easy to use

Easy to use Expensive

Application Area: food digestion

Wan-ping Hu


07 December 2022

4 review stars

Great performance on the digestion of samples.

Excellent digestion system that can break down the most difficult matrix. The performance is unmatched by other microwave digestion systems around. Easy to use. The cost of ownership is high but worth the cost for the performance.

Application Area: Digestion of a wide variety of samples

Osama Ghidan

QUT-Gardens Point

06 December 2022

5 review stars

State-of-the-art machine. the machine delivers excellent quality and quantity work.

Taking into account that this kind of work requires a skilled and trained person, The machine is easy and safe to use, The out come of digestion achieved excellent recovery for analytes that includes the digestion of Zircones and REE elements in different matrixes. the Use of Hf and HCl is required add to that the use of HNO3. all done at elevated Temperatures. The blank value is also excellent and no source of contamination of cross of contamination was seen.

Application Area: Digestion of different materials using multi acids choices of different concentration including Hf,

Andrea De Marzi

Sicit Chemitech

29 October 2021

5 review stars

Best microwave available on the market! The SRC technology is the future

The ultraWAVE allowed me to digest at the same time a completely different sample matrix, weights, and mix of acids inside each sample (hydrofluoric acid included). With the single reaction chamber technology you have complete control of temperature and pressure and all the sample reach the same target temperature and much more important you can reach an extremely high temperature 270°C maintaining a relatively low pressure <150 bar. My productivity raised up by 4 to 5 times saving time, acid quantity (ultraWAVE useless compared to another microwave), and improving the quality of my data, less dilution, less contamination. Very easy to use and fully supported.

Application Area: Microwave assisted acid digestion of biostimulants, fertilizers, sludges and waste waters

Jean-François RAMEAU


31 March 2021

5 review stars

Essential product for our lab.

Very useful and efficient product, our pharmaceutical products (tablets, capsules) are totally mineralized with a mixture of acids. The volatile elements (As, Hg...) are not lost within the closed vessel system and the initial 40 bars N2 pressure allows to increase heating temperature without exceeding acid boiling point. It is possible also to mix different matrices or product in the same run.

Application Area: Pharmaceutical product

sonia verri

aimag spa

19 March 2021

5 review stars

Easy to use, good efficiency and recovery.

Easy to use, good efficiency and recovery.

Application Area: Environmental


Veterinary Drug and Feed Administration and Control Authority

15 March 2021

5 review stars

Excellent result achieved with no loss of elements.

Completely break down samples such as animal feeds and animal source foods so they are ready for heavy metal and essential elemental analysis. ultraWAVE microwave digestion system decreased digestion times, due to the use of closed vessels made of chemically inert materials and direct heating of sample solution, resulted in significantly higher sample throughput from our recent trends.

Application Area: Microwave assisted digestion of food, feed, pharmaceuticals, etc. samples for mineral analysis

Marta Jagodic Hudobivnik

Department of Environmental Sciences, Institut "Jožef Stefan"

04 February 2021

5 review stars

Great instrument, easy to use it!

The instrument is really easy to use. You can digest much lower volumes of samples compared to e.g. Ethos 1. It will spare you time for digestion. We really like to use it for blood, urine, hair samples.

Application Area: Biological samples, food samples

Chengbei Li

west-ward pharmaceuticals

30 March 2016

5 review stars

Good instrument. Able to digest various kinds of samples.

The microwave is easy to operate and clean. You can do digest 15 samples within 1 hour. I work with pharmaceutical samples. I have no problem in digestion using this microwave as long as I have a proper method set up.

Application Area: microwave digestion