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Annelies Heylen

University of Antwerp

30 July 2021

5 review stars

Excellent compact device for small batch sample processing!

I find this homogenizer very user-friendly, it has three stands for 3000 to 5000 rpm which you can easily switch between. The time settings are very easy to adjust as well. It's a small, compact device that fits easily in between other devices on the bench. I wouldn't recommend to use it for high-throughput sample processing, as you can only homogenize up to three samples a time (in 2ml tubes). For small batches of samples, however, this is definitely an asset for your lab! Bertin has a set of protocols available on their website which you can help you to determine and experiment with the settings for your protocol (1x 60s, 3x 30s, depending on tissue types etc.). We haven't had to use after sales care yet, but we do have a good experience with the Bertin customer service and their recommendations.

Application Area: To analyze monoamines and metabolites in brain tissue

Pradyumna Kishor Mishra

Freelance Researcher and Teacher

25 June 2021

4 review stars

Tremendous, useful and time saving instrument. I like it very much.

This is very effective tool in our laboratory as it is trouble free while extracting a sample targeted tissue for cytological or histological analysis.

Application Area: Separation of target tissue


University of California San Diego

14 December 2017

5 review stars

Good results, reduce homogenization processing time with improvement of surface

Overall of shape and function is reasonable. Tube and pestle shapes are perfect match. However, if the surface is not smooth, it might be helpful to grind nerve tissue

Application Area: Nerve Tissue homogenize and following RNA work

liang zhang


14 December 2017

4 review stars

Good quality

The homogenizer works pretty good. very easy to use and efficiency is very high

Application Area: Lyse the tissue to isolate the protein

Andrea Domenico Rivera

University of Portsmouth

14 December 2017

5 review stars

Great tool to rapidly extract proteins from tissue samples.

Very easy to operate and a very small benchtop equipment. It takes a while to adapt current protocol to maximise extraction, however, guidelines for each tissue type are provided. Overall, it is a useful tool to have.

Application Area: Preparation of mouse tissue samples for Protein extraction