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Caterina Collodet


21 November 2022

5 review stars

Fundamental instrument in our lab and great customer support

Great product, easy-to-use instrument and software, simple setup of protocols, and export data. High reproducibility among replicates. I was pleased by the fast costumer support, follow up via phone call in less than 24h from when I initially filled in the contact form. Additional information provided by email in a timely manner after the phone call. This instrument has been running for more than 5 years. Good value for money.

Application Area: Measure cell viability via luminescence assays or protein concentration using fluorescence

Hannes Schihada

Philipps-University Marburg

21 November 2022

4 review stars

Very flexible plate reader, ideal for assay development

I am using the clariostar plus plate reader for luminescence-, fluorescence-, FRET- and BRET-based assays. The plate readers shows a very good performance in all these modes and the user-friendly, intuitive control surface facilitates the fast setup of new experiments. The analysis software MARS enables a fast analysis and export of the raw data. What would improve the performance of the plate reader in dual-color assays (FRET & BRET), is the design of a filter cube that would allow for the simultaneous detection of both channels (as feasible with, e.g., the Neo2 plate from BioTek).

Application Area: Investigation of cell signaling

Asma Madec

Sanofi R&D

21 November 2022

5 review stars

Good quality/price ratio

Good product given high quality results, with multiple options for upgrading. There is a good after Sales Service,

Application Area: Analyse cytotoxicity by dosing ATP


TU Darmstadt

21 November 2022

5 review stars

Great instrument, can't work without it!

The CLARIOstar has become an indispensable instrument in our laboratory, from in vitro biology applications to chemical bioconjugation analyses. It is easy-to-use, consumer-friendly and very robust! If ever needed, the customer service is attentive and provides fast assistance.

Application Area: Analyse protein secretion from cell culture supernatants, luciferase reporter assays, fluorescence i

Biman Chondra Mondol

Department Of Livestock

19 November 2022

5 review stars

Very excellent

Very good

Application Area: Analyze metabolites in tissue samples