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Marc Brehme

Ribbon Biolabs

15 March 2021

4 review stars

Nanoliter scale reactions, awesome!

SPT Labtech’s mosquito does what it promises, robust high precision low volume liquid handing.

Application Area: Synthetic biology

Ka-wing Wong

Excellerate bioscience

22 November 2019

4 review stars

Essential for high throughput screening.

A critical piece of equipment that speeds up serial dilutions of multiple compounds and easily tranfers to assay plates. Perfect for high throughput screening and easy to make new protocols.

Application Area: Nanolitre liquid handling system

Lance Hellman

University of Notre Dame

04 June 2019

5 review stars

Great results!!

The TTP Labtech Mosquito HTS is an amazing instrument that allows us to screen through hundreds of crystallographic conditions in a fraction of the time and material that it would take to do manually. Customer service has always been helpful and prompt with any questions or service.

Application Area: X-ray crystallography