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Gabriele Rummel

Novartis AG

13 June 2019

5 review stars

Longest lasting robot without major downtime.

After testing several robots from different companies, we recently decided to buy a second instrument, since the first one was our main work horse and the favorite of all users. There is no maintenance to be done after using it which is an advantage in an Open Access lab. It is easy to calibrate and to adjust according to the wishes of the users.

Application Area: Crystallization in largest xray unit in industry

David Egan

Core Life Analytics

06 February 2019

5 review stars

10x faster then manual for protein crystallization.

The Mosquito transferred our ability to set up protein crystallization screens. The work of a day can be done in minutes,

Application Area: Setting up protein high throughput crystallizaion plates.

Adli Aziz

University of Sheffield

15 May 2017

5 review stars

An excellent piece of equipment for crystallography!

The robot is very easy to use with very little room for mistakes. The liquid pipetted from the tips are well placed in the well and consistent in position and volume. The interface is easy to understand in a user-friendly environment; the simulation mode allows for validations and safety measures before carrying out any experiments. The robot has the ability to dispense liquid to a myriad of different plate types which gives way to unlimited options. Cares are quite easy, only need to replace the tips spool once it runs out which takes no time at all. The rooms for attachment i.e., LCP crystallography and humidifier adds a lot more varieties to accommodate different goals. All those combined would make the robot well worth the money.

Application Area: Protein Crystallography, Seeding, Sitting Drop, Hanging Drop, LCP membrane protein attachment, Humid