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Rebeca Acin-Perez


26 May 2021

4 review stars

Great results.

Great for live imaging to follow events in real time. Excellent definition to assess cell death and cellular structure live.

Application Area: Live imaging

Frank Cao

McGill University

21 May 2021

4 review stars

Easy to use software.

User friendly UI. Customer support is reliable when issues do arise. Warranty is helpful.

Application Area: Cell growth

Hin Lo

AbbVie Inc

17 May 2021

5 review stars

Saves time with imaging cells!

Great machine for automated cell imaging. Reached out for technical help with image analysis and received quick and helpful response.

Application Area: Cancer research

Mihaela Economescu

Stefan S. Nicolau Institute of Virology

13 May 2021

5 review stars

Great technology! More free time.

Very useful in a cell culture laboratories dedicated to anti-tumor therapy studies. I highly recommend it for proliferation and cytotoxicity studies. The cell culture images (4x, 10x) have an excellent publication grade quality. Easy to work and analyze results, after some practice.

Application Area: Anti-tumor therapy

Surjyadipta Bhattacharjee

LSU Health

03 March 2021

5 review stars

Great results with unbiassed reproducible and reliable data.

The product is really simple to set up and use. It's becoming a work horse for our lab. It gives great replicable data and is providing us with very insightful real time analysis of different treatment of live human primary cells in culture. This is enabling us to screen for various putative novel drugs and help us better understand signaling cascades downstream after addition of any biological agent.

Application Area: Life Sciences - Neuroscience, microbiology, cell biology

Nicola Annels

University of Surrey

23 February 2021

5 review stars

Superior results - our scientists' favourite technology in the lab!

The Incucyte SX5 is an easy-to-use live-cell imaging technology, saving our scientists time in both experimental set-up and monitoring whilst providing exceptional, previously unobtainable readouts. Protocols for a wide range of lab-based assays are freely available and easy to follow. Many of our scientists have already switched many of their traditional lab-based assays to use the Incucyte technology instead. The ability to monitor your cells in real-time remotely is a hugely attractive feature to our scientists especially during this pandemic. The technology provides user-friendly built-in software to easily evaluate your experimental data offering a range of options to present your data graphically, via FACS plots or in movies – all of which are easily transferable to other software for presentation or publication purposes. Both the sales reps and application specialists were extremely helpful during our purchase and training and continue to provide support/advice to our scientists for their individual experimental needs. The fact that our Incucyte has been in non-stop use since our purchase is testament to our scientists' satisfaction with this technology and we would not hesitate in recommending this technology to other labs.

Application Area: Live cell imaging and analysis

Sanket Patil

Datar Cancer Genetics

24 December 2020

5 review stars

Great results, we performed drugs testing and viability assay on this platform.

Incucyte S3 imaging system is a user free, reliable, ready to use, excellent instrument for cell biology research.

Application Area: Cell biology

Kai Yan Chia


17 December 2020

5 review stars


High quality results of the cell culture inside the incubator. Highly recommended to any laboratory doing cell culture. Straightforward to use. Reasonably intuitive.

Application Area: Live cell imaging / cell biology


The Pirbright Institute

30 October 2020

4 review stars

Great equipment, should be in every lab!

Product is great and now an indispensable piece of equipment for our research. Initially our lab was the main user and now several groups use this. We have several publications based on the findings from the use of this machine.

Application Area: Live cell proliferation and apoptosis assays

Victoria Godfrey

UT Southwestern Medical Center

23 July 2020

4 review stars

Must have for heavy cell culture labs/ in vitro data.

Our department has been raving about the Incucyte, it is so simple to use and puts your mind at ease that when you put your cells in you can get easy reliable data. It really is self explanatory to use and almost all of our labs have used it now and had great responses.

Application Area: Proliferation rates/size disparity/drug toxicity analysis