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John Powers

Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin

10 February 2021

3 review stars

Great potential, but ours was very sub-par for a $100+K machine. Poor reliability.

Our S3 had service-requiring issues almost immediately. Three total calls within the first 12 months, during a period in my new lab where it was only being occasionally used. Twice for the mechanics of the drawer, and once when they had to replace the motherboard. Then, right after our warranty expired, the machine needed the same exact repair as our second service trip, which would cost $7000. For a $100K machine, this level of service need is completely unacceptable. I cannot recommend this machine or this company to colleagues, which is a shame, because the promise of what the IncuCyte could do is very high.

Application Area: Analyze cell growth and/or differentiation morphology and markers

Kai Yan Chia


17 December 2020

5 review stars


High quality results of the cell culture inside the incubator. Highly recommended to any laboratory doing cell culture. Straightforward to use. Reasonably intuitive.

Application Area: Live cell imaging / cell biology


The Pirbright Institute

30 October 2020

4 review stars

Great equipment, should be in every lab!

Product is great and now an indispensable piece of equipment for our research. Initially our lab was the main user and now several groups use this. We have several publications based on the findings from the use of this machine.

Application Area: Live cell proliferation and apoptosis assays

Victoria Godfrey

UT Southwestern Medical Center

23 July 2020

4 review stars

Must have for heavy cell culture labs/ in vitro data.

Our department has been raving about the Incucyte, it is so simple to use and puts your mind at ease that when you put your cells in you can get easy reliable data. It really is self explanatory to use and almost all of our labs have used it now and had great responses.

Application Area: Proliferation rates/size disparity/drug toxicity analysis

Daniel Corey


07 July 2020

4 review stars

Powerful instrument. Bottleneck in analysis. Not high-throuput.

Very effective but bottlenecks analysis. Difficult to analyze across groups. Graphing software needs to be better. Need better informatics tools and more templates to utilize from the website and in the graphing tool. We also have a very tough time going back and forth between plates and also back and forth between the Incucyte and more conventional killing assays such as chromium and ldh. More small molecule examples would be great. Moe expertise using non-adherent cell types too.

Application Area: Immune cell killing

Ye Zheng

Mayo Foundation

02 July 2020

5 review stars

Great tech.

It is easy to use and has repeatable results. The service is wonderful.

Application Area: Cardiorenal research

Sanket Patil

Datar Cancer Genetics

06 June 2020

5 review stars


Excellent performance and application wise performance is very good.

Application Area: Chemosensitivity assay

Siddesh Hartimath

University Of Saskatchewan

02 June 2020

4 review stars

Great results and definitely improved the quality of research.

Archived a lot of success with high quality of data. Published high impact factor papers including patents. The data reproducibility is highly regarded.

Application Area: Oncology and drug discovery

Alma Robert

National Research Council Of Canada

15 May 2020

4 review stars

Good product, could improve resolution.

The product is very easy to use and gives reproducible results. Image resolution is not great, so smaller structures (like vesicles) can not be studied. We adapt to the available functions, but more resolution would increase the number of applications.

Application Area: Proliferation, cytotoxicity, migration, 3D culture

Celine Gracia


15 May 2020

5 review stars

Great results.

We can do a lot of assays with live cells, proliferation, migration, assays with fluorochromes - it's very flexible. The system for analysis is very simple. There is also good after-sale care.

Application Area: Cell assays