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Abhayraj Bite


24 July 2022

5 review stars

Very Good Product

A good product

Application Area: Good Product I have Used It For 20 days and I feel like it was a better option than other products t

Daniel Driscoll

University of Surrey

13 February 2020

5 review stars

Makes setting gas flow rates in GC a doddle.

Very useful, sensitive and accurate flowmeter. Pre-set to analyze flow rates of all the main gases you'll use in setting up a gas chromatograph.

Application Area: Gas chromatography (general)

Jalil Rodarte


05 September 2017

3 review stars

High potential, poor customer service

Intuitive design and simple. Average to low price compared to the renowned brands. The after-sales service was absent.

Application Area: Measure the flow rate out of the split vent in a GC