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Michael Speake

Bioascent didcovery

11 April 2022

4 review stars

Great instrument invaluable to our work flows.

The Nephelostar is an important part of our workflow for SPR. All compounds are tested for solubility in selected assay buffers before being run through SPR. The Nephelostar has been invaluable in determining whether compounds are soluble/insoluble and hence whether they are suitable for SPR analysis. The Nephelostar is easy to use and quickly gives an indication of the solubility of small molecules.

Application Area: Small Molecule Solubility analysis

Marie-Mathilde Perrineau


08 March 2022

5 review stars

The best plate reader and the impeccable after-sales care = BMG

The Nephelostar plate reader is very effective for my application (follow the growth or biomass estimation of filamentous macroalgae). Once the different parameters are chosen (quite easily than to the very user-friendly interface) your results were really nice and more importantly very reproducible. Honestly, it is so easy to use, probably the best plate reader I ever worked with. That plus the impeccable after-sales care from BMG makes it the perfect tool for my experimentation. In the future, if I could purchase other items/readers from BMG, I would do so without hesitation.

Application Area: Microalgae and macroalgae cultivation