Product News: ZEISS Xradia 630 Versa introduces resolution performance for expanded research capabilities

19 Apr 2023

ZEISS recently launched the ZEISS Xradia 630 Versa X-ray microscope (XRM) for academic and industrial research. The newest addition to the ZEISS Xradia Versa family, it accelerates productivity with easy, guided workflows and higher throughput.

In combination with the ZEISS Advanced Reconstruction Toolbox (ART) 3.0, the platform leverages game-changing artificial intelligence (AI) for reconstruction. These capabilities combine to enable the study of a range of samples in the fields of materials science, battery research, advanced electronics, life science, and many more.

High-powered resolution performance with RaaD 2.0

ZEISS introduces higher energy capabilities and the new 40X Prime (40X-P) objective with ZEISS Xradia 630 Versa. Known for their ability to achieve Resolution at a Distance (RaaD), ZEISS Xradia Versa systems allow a wide array of sample types and sizes over a long range of length scales at high resolution. With 40X-P, ZEISS outlines how the system achieves resolution performance of 450-500 nm across the full range of energy, from 30 kV to 160 kV, defining RaaD 2.0 and enabling new application capabilities for researchers.

The user experience evolves for expanded accessibility

As novel X-ray imaging is complex, the NavX software guides new users through automated workflows with system insights and delivers experimental results more easily and efficiently while also allowing experienced users to explore the full versatility of ZEISS Xradia 630 Versa. Additionally, the NavX File Transfer Utility (FTU) takes the microscope produced data and automatically transfers it to other locations so that users have access.

Game-changing AI

ZEISS DeepScout uses high-resolution 3D microscopy datasets as training data for lower resolution, larger field-of-view datasets, and upscales the larger volume data using a trained model, representing effective throughput boosts. ZEISS DeepRecon Pro provides high-throughput and image quality benefits across a diverse set of sample types. This capability is available for the ZEISS Xradia 630 Versa platform, which provides maximum integration and power to seamlessly deliver resolution across large fields of view (FOV) with high-throughput.

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