Product News: Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Revolutionary Technologies at HPLC 2009

26 Jun 2009

Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today announced that the company will be introducing two of the world’s most accurate and precise UHPLC pumps, a new Thermo Scientific Accela PDA detector and will also be presenting a number of informative workshops, seminars, presentations and events at the 34th International Symposium on High-Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques (HPLC 2009). The company will also be showcasing the full range of Thermo Scientific instruments, columns and consumables from sample preparation to green chromatography on the Thermo Scientific booth (#6-8) at HPLC 2009, June 28 to July 2, in Dresden, Germany.

The new pump technology launching at HPLC 2009 involves the use of unique and innovative Force Feedback Control (FFC) that enables the delivery of accurate and precise flow and gradients under all operating conditions. These pumps are able to deliver unmatched compositional and flow rate accuracy and precision over the entire operating range resulting in exceptional reproducibility. The Accela 600 LC pump offers a maximum operating pressure of 600 bar while the new Accela 1000 LC pump has a maximum operating pressure of 15,000 psi, making it an unparalleled pump for all UHPLC applications and the perfect choice to complement the company’s world leading MS technology. Designed for configuration with the Thermo Scientific Accela PDA detector, the new pumps continue to increase laboratory productivity in HPLC and U-HPLC applications. The new Accela PDA detector is designed to operate with higher flow rates at high pressure and offers the greatest sensitivity with an acquisition rate up to 80 Hz.

Thermo Fisher will also host the following informative workshops and presentations covering new and innovative technologies that can help solve analytical challenges:

Top industrial and academic scientists will be discussing the latest in research and application advancements using the unique stationary phase Thermo Scientific Hypercarb column during the Hypercarb Workshop on Sunday, June 28, 10:30 - 16:30 in the Seminar Room 1, Congress Center, Dresden. Topics include sample preparation, green chromatography, unique separations and improving the Hypercarb column’s use.

Following the Hypercarb workshop, Thermo Fisher will be celebrating the Hypercarb 20th Birthday Party on at 10:30 am on Sunday, June 28, at the Terrasse Foyer, Congress Center, Dresden. Celebrating 20 years of the Hypercarb column, this informal social event will bring together industry leaders.

The Thermo Scientific Vendor Seminar: Advances in U-HPLC and MS Technologies takes place on Monday, June 29 from 14:15 - 15:15 in Conference Room 1. Participants will learn about the latest innovations in U-HPLC and MS technologies and discover how new developments in conventional and high speed chromatography and mass spectrometry can help solve analytical challenges.

Thermo Fisher will also be exhibiting a range of posters covering the company’s latest HPLC, U-HPLC and LC/MS technologies. Luisa Pereira will be presenting three posters entitled “Porous carbon for the LC/MS analysis of trace polar pollutants,” “Comparison of a polymeric SPE phase with a traditional silica-based C18 material” and “Analysis of hydrophilic and polar compounds using a novel HILIC stationary phase”. Guifeng Jiang will also host a poster, “Determination of the pharmaceutical products associated with drug abuse using UHPLC/MS.”