Product News: The Future of Molecular Sample Preparation

18 Jun 2018

CEM Corporation, a leading supplier of sample preparation systems, has introduced its all new EDGE™ extraction system for rapid sample preparation of GC/LC samples. Featuring advanced Q-Cup™ Technology, the EDGE™ can prepare samples for molecular analysis in as little as 5 minutes with exceptional recovery and repeatability.

“The EDGE™ is a simple solution to a complicated problem”, commented Michael J. Collins, President and CEO of CEM Corporation. “It is estimated that 75% of all time spent on chromatographic analysis is in sample preparation. We have developed a system with incredible performance that will reduce sample preparation time from hours to minutes. EDGE™ will radically change how laboratories prepare samples for GC and LC analysis.”

The new EDGE™ technology is based on energized, dispersive, guided, extraction and combines traditional pressurized fluid extraction with dSPE. The system is covered by multiple pending patent applications.  This new automated process provides flexibility and speed never before achieved. The EDGE™ is a complete solution to sample preparation providing fluid addition, rapid extraction, sample filtration, and fluid dispensing all in less than 5 minutes. Also, with the addition of appropriate Q-sorbents™ it can combine analyte extraction and sample cleanup in a rapid single step process.

The EDGE™ is compact (about the size of an analytical balance) and can process 12 samples per hour. This allows high throughput labs to use multiple units to process 50 - 100 samples per hour. Key markets are environmental, food, plastics, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, forensics and clinical.

CEM is a science-based technology company passionate about simplifying science. Collins said “CEM’s passion is to disrupt markets with new solutions that provide speed and simplicity…we make things faster, simpler and smaller. We believe the EDGE™ technology is truly a breakthrough technology that will completely transform the world of sample preparation in the next few years.”

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